Battlefield 1 Review: It's Great But Comes With Annoying Features, Gamers Say

Battlefield 1 has been launched a month ago but hardcore players are noting troubles with features like medals and locked squads, among others. Moreover, the default announcer was also criticized as sounding out of place at times. In the meantime, a scout class guide has been published online.

DICE is expected to fix the server issues in Battlefield 1. Although the launch has reportedly been stable, the game is still infested with a few bugs. Gamers reportedly noted that multiplayer teams get broken up into squads of five players often in-game.

Moreover, several reports also claim that the squads in Battlefield 1 can get locked at times with a player or two unable to join the team. Note that chances of survival are said to be higher being in a full squad of five. Hence, players are reportedly noting that DICE may need to unlock squads as soon as possible.

Objectives, which are the only chances to win medals in Battlefield 1 reportedly diverge away from team play at times. Moreover, the objectives allegedly rotate randomly each week. Hence, players do not get to choose which medals to pursue in a given week. Furthermore, there are also spawn issues and apparently, the announcer allegedly does not sound inviting enough.

In other news, a Battlefield 1 Scout Class Guide has been unleashed online showing gamers how to take advantage of the terrain. Note that players are required to have full knowledge of the map like where enemies come from. Higher ground is also said to be a better option for Scouts.

Battlefield 1 Scouts are also expected to be covert. Hence, gamers may need to try their best not to move their Scouts around too much to avoid giving away the scout's hiding place to the enemies. Note that scope reflects light which may attract enemies to the hiding place. Planning an escape route may also be crucial.   Watch a Before you Buy Battlefield 1 Review here:

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