Xbox One Sales 1000 Percent Higher; Lowering PS4, PS4 Slim Demand Main Reason?

Xbox One sales output has significantly increased following the release of Microsoft's new Xbox One S models with 1 TB and 500 GB versions. Based on reports, the sales of the Xbox One in the UK have surged up to 1,000 percent.

While this has been expected, given the fact that the console has reportedly outsold Sony's PS4 in July and August this year, the new sales figures indicate the surprising sales improvement in the UK market.

Xbox One Sales Booming Than PS4

The sales increase for Xbox One is believed to be due to the declining demand for its rival PS4 in spite of the recent release of its slim version. In addition, market analysts also claim that the impressive sales progress of the Microsoft console could be credited to the release of Xbox One S in 1 TB and 500GB versions. With the new Xbox One versions, users are expected to have a more engaging gaming experience because of its 4K Blu-ray support.

To help increase the sales of Xbox One, Microsoft announced products like three "Battlefield 1" bundles, two "Gears of War 4" bundles and a "Minecraft" bundle that is reported to target the Canadian and US markets. Along with the regular white Xbox One S, the "Minecraft" bundle will be available in Europe on Oct. 11 while Australia and New Zealand markets will have it on Nov. 1.

Xbox One & Xbox 360 Deals 

Meanwhile, Xbox One and Xbox 360 users can take advantage of Microsoft's latest offering, the Xbox Live Deals with Spotlight Sales and Gold promotions. Every week, the company's online service will offer several discounted games, including DLC for a limited time on the two consoles.

To avail the Deals with Gold, the users should have a paid subscription to the service or a Gold member of the Xbox Live. On the other hand, all Xbox Live members can avail of the discounts of Publisher and Spotlight Sales, including those that have a free Silver account. Gold members are also eligible for the discounts.


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