Pokemon Sun And Moon Ultimate Guide On Catching Legendaries And Ultra Beasts

Pokemon Sun And Moon Ultimate Guide On Catching Legendaries And Ultra Beasts
Here's the guide to catching not just legendaries but even Ultra Beasts and guardian deities in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Photo : Photo by The Official Pokemon Channel/YouTube

Aside from new legendaries, there are also Ultra Beasts to be had with the new Pokemon Sun and Moon. Rare Pokemon are hard to find. Thus, the rare title. But there are more rare Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon aside from Lunala and Solgaleo. There are also Magearna, Marshadow and Zygarde. The guardian deities like Tapu Bulu, Tapu FIni, Tapu Koko and Tapu Lele are worth mentioning, too. Of course, Ultra Beasts like Buzzwole, Celesteela, Guzzlord, Kartana, Nihelego, Phermosa and Xurkitree are also present. If you want to catch 'em all, then this guide will help you do so.

Catching Legendaries

If you looked at the box art of Pokemon Sun and Moon, then you will find two legendaries immediately - Lunala and Solgaleo. Catching these two requires zero tips and tricks at all. Just finish the game, be the champion and make it to the Altar of either Sunne or Moon located on Poni Island. The Altar where you will be will depend on the version that you are playing. For Pokemon Moon, the portal is open during the day and night for Pokemon Sun.

You can also catch Cosmog, the pre-evolution stage of Lunala and Solgaleo. Just go to either Lake of the Moone or Lake of the Sunne after you go to the portal. A platform will be there. A cutscene should play when you go to the top and that's how you get Cosmog.


Necrozma is another legendary in Pokemon Sun and Moon that you will encounter located in the tall grasses of Farthest Hollow from Ten Carat Hill.  To get Necrozma, just use a Max Repel to save time and steer clear from other Pokemon. A word of warning though. Necrozma is a level 75 Psychic Pokemon type so it's important that you have a matching Pokemon to take him on.


Compared to other legendaries in Pokemon Sun and Moon, Magearna is pretty easy to catch. Just finish the main story, wait for the QR code that The Pokemon Company will upload on Pokemon.com and you can download this legendary on Dec. 5. There's no need to hurry, too. The QR code for Magearna is available until March 5 so there's no reason to rush completing the game.


Marshadow is one of the legendaries that still needs to be official. It's one of the mysterious Pokemon in the Sun and Moon installment and whatever is known about this Pokemon is only taken with the help of data mining. What's sure is that you can catch it in the game or you can get it as a Mystery Gift.


Zygarde is the Pokemon Sun and Moon legendary that has three forms: Zygarde 10 Percent Forme, Zygarde 50 Percent Forme and Zygarde Complete Forme. Each form is dependent on the Z-Cells. If you have 10 Z-Cells, then you get Zygarde 10 Percent Forme. For 50 Percent Forme, you need 50 Z-Cells and 100 Z-Cells for Complete Forme. The Zygarde Cube that is used to collect Z-Cells and Z-cores to help you teach Zygarde new Poke moves will be given by Dexio and Sina.

Catching Guardian Deities

Pokemon Sun and Moon has four major guardian deities. You can only challenge the guardian deities if you become the champion of Alola. You also have to touch statues in specific ruins. In Akala Island, the guardian deity is Tapu Lele and you need to touch the statues on the Ruins of Life. Just remember to get the Machamp Poke Ride which is an essential requirement. In Melemele Island, Tapu Koko is the guardian deityYou can catch Tapu Koko without going to the Ruins of Conflict if you beat the Pokemon League during the first encounter. If not, then the Ruins of Conflict is the place you should go to touch the statue.

In Poni Island lives the guardian deity, Tapu Fini. You have to touch the statue at the Ruins of Hope but just like with Tapu Lele, you will need the Machamp Poke Ride. Lastly, you have Tapu Bulu from Ula'ula Island. You have to go through the Haina Desert first before being able to go to the Ruins of Abundance for Tapu Bulu. Follow this pattern: move up then right, up then right again, then move left, move down and up.

Ultra Beasts

Once you finish the main story, the International Police will come and give you 10 Beast Balls for every mission you take to catch Ultra Beasts. Not only will they give you Beast Balls, you will also be given locations on where and how to find the Ultra Beasts.

Symbiont/Nihelego which is a Poison/Rock type Pokemon. They can be found on either Diglett Cave or Dela Mountain. Lighting/Xurkitree which are an electric type of Pokemon can be found on either Lush Jungle or Memorial Hill. Glutton/Guzzlord which are a Dark/Dragon type of Pokemon can only be found in Resolution Cave.

In Pokemon Sun, the exclusives include Absorption/Buzzwole and Kartana. For Pokemon Moon, the exclusives are Beauty/Phermosa and Blaster/Celesteela. Absorption/Buzzwole, which are Bug/Fighting Pokemon, can be found in Verdant Cave. Kartana, which is a Steel/Grass type of Pokemon, can either be located at Haina Desert or Malie Garden. In Pokemon Moon, Beauty/Phermosa, which are also Bug/Fighting Pokemon can also be found in Verdant Cave while Blaster/Celesteela, which are Steel/Flying type, can be found in Haina Desert or Malie Garden.

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