Forget Buying A NES Classic Edition, Build One For Just $30; Here's How

There has been a lot of furor as of late when the NES Classic Edition ran out of stocks. Nintendo did not foresee that the world will be filled with nostalgia and would grab them like pancakes. Those who are brave enough, took advantage of the lack and sold them at very ridiculously high prices.

As previously reported here, one NES Classic Edition even sold for $88,000. The sheer fanaticism for this small box is simply amazing. That's simply ridiculous and you don't have to spend that much. In fact, even with the classic console out of stock, you can build one for yourself for only $30.

This home-made console does not even need you to have that great engineering know-how. All you need is an old NES cartridge, a Raspberry Pi Zero, and a small USB hub with different sizes of adapters. What's more surprising is you won't even need to solder it.

This is not a "don't try this at home" project but a legit one. One person has already made it and called his homemade NES Classic Edition console the Pi Cart. The how-to video can be viewed below this article.

Just find an old NES cartridge of any game. We suggest you find a terrible game to use as you don't want to waste a very good game title like the Super Mario. Unscrew it and put the Raspberry Pi Zero inside along with the HDMI cable and adapters where you will plug the controllers. You also need a small microSD slot. The homemade console has no on/off button and it powers on and off when you plug it on your TV.

The homemade console can store around 2,400 vintage games. Just put an emulator to run all of them. So there you have it, a NES Classic Edition homemade console for around $30.

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