Xbox Project Scorpio Price Predicted To Be Around $800

Xbox big boss Phil Spencer defended earlier this week why Xbox Project Scorpio will be very expensive than other consoles in the market. However, he did not really say how much exactly will it cost. Now, there are rumors that the actual price tag will be around $800.

The prediction came via a comment in an article about the Xbox Project Scorpio. The member who gave the prediction also gave his reason for the price. He said that the upcoming console's competition is not actually the PS4 Pro but modern high-end PCs. He added that it has more than 50 percent advantage with the Sony console.

He also said that Xbox Project Scorpio is aimed at gamers who do not have the time to build a high-end PC. Therefore, the $800 tag price is reasonable compared to high-end PCs which can be as high as $2,000. Compared to PC, the Scorpio console will also be appealing to these types of gamers because it is less bulky and won't take so much space. So what you have is a console as powerful as these modern gaming PCs but as compact as the PS4 and the Xbox One.

If these predictions are correct, could these types of gamers be what Xbox is targeting as Spencer has revealed in an earlier interview? If such is the case, Xbox Project Scorpio will belong to another category - compact high-end game PC.

With this type of crossover and the introduction of the Nintendo Switch next year, it seems like both companies are trying to change the game mechanics in the console war. Thus, another question pops up: Will it be Nintendo versus Xbox in the future?

That all remains to be seen. While the world is waiting for Xbox Project Scorpio and Nintendo Switch, PS4 Pro is enjoying its time in the market.

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