'American Horror Story' Stars Emma Roberts And Evan Peters Finally Admitted They Are Dating Again?

It looks like “American Horror Story” stars Evan Peters and Emma Roberts have just confirmed they are dating as both have posted about each other on their respective social media accounts. Peters shared a photo of Roberts with the caption “This girl” while Roberts shared a video on her Snapchat with the caption “This guy”.

Peter’s Instagram post was all about Roberts while she was eating sushi. Then Robert’s post was a video of her using Snapchat’s filter while in a car but someone kept interfering her video. Although Evan’s face was never shown in the video, the caption itself gave it away.

This is not the first time the two “America Horror Story” stars were rumored to be together. The couple was believed to started dating way back in 2012 when they met on Adult World’s set. However

In the past, Emma Roberts and Evan Peters have had a whirlwind on-again-off-again relationship. The couple first started dating back in 2012 after meeting on the set of Adult World and since then, both have been speculated to be dating. However, certain incidents and rumors have surfaced in between their relationship that caused them to have an on and off relationship.

One of the first and probably the most controversial incident the two have been in is when Roberts was arrested as a suspect for domestic violence. Police found Peters in the house with a bloody nose. Both have released a statement and said, “It was an unfortunate incident and misunderstanding.” Roberts was released shortly after questioning.

Then there was the time when Evans deleted every photo of Roberts on his social media account in 2015 and then reported to be back in each other’s arm last September of this year.

“American Horror Story” has already announced another new season that should air next year. There has been no confirmation yet if the cast will be returning including Emma Roberts and Evan Peters.

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