‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers, News And Updates: Revelations About Alex And Meredith Romance Dropped By Show Producer?

There may be some drastic changes that will develop in two main characters of "Grey's Anatomy". This was hinted by the show's producer. And it will involve Meredith and Alex, the two surviving original cast members of the show. It seems that there is a plan for the show creators to transform their relationship.

Will Romance Suddenly Erupt Between Alex And Meredith?

The executive producer of "Grey's Anatomy" has dropped big hints about a potential romantic relationship between Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Alex (Justin Chambers). The two have been close friends in the show for a long time. But some scenes in the finale episode of the winter season seem to suggest the heating up of this friendly relationship.

These scenes led avid viewers of the show to speculate that there might be some tinge of romance brewing up between the two. They even think that when the next season starts running, they may see the two starting to date. The second half of the season will start airing on Jan. 13, 2017.

This Has Been Suggested Before

Actually, Alex and Meredith being romantically linked have already been suggested before. A report that came out in Feb. 2016 asked the question: "Should Meredith and Alex 'Go There'?" That is a lead-in question induced by the "Grey's Anatomy" episode shown at that time.

In that episode, Meredith was asked pointedly if she was in love with Alex. But she just laughed the question off. However, her reaction when she saw Jo kissed Alex before the episode ended might have revealed her true feelings for him.

That look on her face made some to speculate that her friendship with Alex might have started to go deeper. Watch the video below. It will help readers to have an idea of the kind of friendly relationship Alex and Meredith has, and how it can transform into a romantic one.

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