'Dragon Ball Super' Chapter 18 News, Spoilers: Manga Omits Some Anime Scenes; Goku Never Fought Zamasu, God Power Ratings Revealed

By Mandy Adams , Nov 23, 2016 11:36 AM EST

"Dragon Ball Super" chapter 18 follows Goku as he makes his way to the Zen house after the Omni King summons him to play. He makes his apologies to the ruler because of Zamasu as he was too busy with various matters on earth so the ruler gave him the button.

"Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 18 Highlights

In "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 18, Goku learns all about Goku Black while visiting the Omni King. While in the Zen house, Goku learns about Goku Black from Whis and Beerus who are trying to deal with the matter right away. Whis reveals his identity as an angel and tells Goku that he is not allowed to fight for any side although he can meddle in some ways. After telling Goku about the issue the gods are dealing with, Whis also reminds Goku to keep his lips sealed about the problems on earth. If he tells the god about it, the Omni King will not just punish one mortal but will wipe out the entire universe to compensate for one's sins.

Kibito turns up at the Zen house and informs Beerus that Zamasu, a Kaio from Universe 10 was asking about the Super Dragon Balls. He also relayed that Zamasu asked about Goku and if it was possible to trade a god's body with that of a mortal. With the pressing issue ahead of them, Beerus decides to kill Zamasu in the present timeline even if it results to a parallel universe where Zamasu was never killed. Although Goku wanted to go with them, Beerus did not allow him to since it would be dangerous.

"Dragon Ball Super" Manga Criticisms

"Dragon Ball Super" chapter 18 has numerous departures from the anime version. "Dragon Ball Super" anime showed that Zamasu traveled to the past to fight Goku but in the manga this never happens. At the same time, the manga is more straightforward in revealing who Goku Black is compared to the anime. At the same time, Beerus realizes that he will create a new universe by destroying Zamasu but in the anime, he only knows about it in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 67.

In the manga, Whis declares that the Grand Priest is the strongest in the universe but in the anime he says that the god is one of the five strongest in the multiverse. Popular theories indicate that when Whis said strongest, he was just referring to Universe 7 since Omni-king is the strongest god of them all.

At the moment, "Dragon Ball Super" manga is behind the anime production but it would catch up given the break after Future Trunks Arc. Meanwhile, "Dragon Ball Super" episode 68 featuring Goku's quest to bring back Kaiosama will air on Sunday, Nov. 27.

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