Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: A Working Method On How To Catch A Female Salandit To Get A Salazzle

Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: A Working Method On How To Catch A Female Salandit To Get A Salazzle
In order to get a Salazzle, you need to catch a Female Salandit. It is extremely rare in Pokemon Sun and Moon, so you need this foolproof way to get one. Photo : Photo by pokemon/YouTube

Ever caught a male Salandit and expecting it to transform into Salazzle? You are not the only one. Pokemon Sun and Moon brought a new generation, so we understandably don't know that much about the new ones. As it turns out, only a female Salandit can evolve into a Salazzle. If you have only encountered a male one, the steps below will prove to be useful.

Find A Male Fairy Type Pokemon With Cute Charm

You might have already guessed what we want to do here. You're right. We will lure in a Pokemon Sun and Moon female Salandit where they are abundant. There are a bunch of fairy type Pokemon out there with the Cute Charm ability, but iDigitalTimes highly recommends using a male Sylveon.

The reason behind this is simple. The male population of Eevees are higher in proportion compared to others. Onto the steps - first, go to the Poke Pelago. Get a Rainbow Bean from the center tree (you might have to try and try again until the tree drops one). Next is find a male Eevee if you don't have one already on Route 5 and grind it up to level 9.

Then, go to Pokemon Refresh and feed the Rainbow Bean to the male Eevee that's at least level 9. It will evolve into a Sylveon that possesses the Cute Charm ability. Proceed to the next step, which involves finally getting a female Salandit in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Find A Female Salandit At The Wela Volcano Park

The Wela Volcano Park is where the Salandits hang out. Go to Route 8 with the Sylveon as the first in your party. Now, just roam around until a female Salandit shows up. The trick here is that the Cute Charm of the male Sylveon makes Pokemon from the other gender more likely to show up. That's why we want a male one. If one shows up, then it's your lucky day.

Evolve Your Salandit To Get A Pokemon Sun And Moon Salazzle

Now that you have a female Salandit, it's time to level it up to 33. That's about the only requirement for to get a Salazzle in Pokemon Sun and Moon (except having a female Salandit). Now that you have it, enjoy!

Many players have become frustrated about this specific evolution requirement. Some have gone mad trying to catch a female Salandit as there is only a 12.5 percent chance of encountering one, Polygon reported. This means that in about eight encounters, only one is a female.

Hope this guide serves you well. Don't forget to leave a comment below if you catch one using these tips. I personally have tried it and it worked on my first try (and I have incredibly bad luck). Though it is entirely possible to get one without using the above tricks, you can still have one out of sheer luck.

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