'Dance Moms' Season 6 Finale Part 2 Recap: Abby Deals With More Drama; Junior Elite Team Ditches ALDC For Good

Dance Moms Season 6 Finale
The confrontation between the Junior Elite team with their moms and the Minis team with Abby Lee Miller. Photo : Dance Facts/Youtube

"Dance Moms" season 6 has finally come to its end after a tumultuous 2016. The season finished exactly in the way that the viewers expected -- with the biggest drama of the whole series. "Two Teams, Two Studios" part 2 featured arguments, rants, blaming game, walkouts, sarcasm, victory and defeat. And the saddest part? The break-up between the moms and Abby Lee Miller became final. The moms of the Junior Elite team made it clear that they are done with the ALDC LA.

Junior Elite Team Moms And Abby Lee Miller War

Recalling the events from first installment of the two-part finale episode, the Junior Elite team along with their moms fled from the ALDC and met with Abby's biggest competition, Erin Babbs. The moms asked the MDP coach to train the team for the upcoming Sheer Talent Competition. Coach Abby was furious and at the same time emotional about such move from the Elite team, and somehow tried to win them back. The moms though are more convinced than ever that it's time they leave Abby and put an end to the emotional torture that their kids are getting just for an hour airtime on TV.

The Beginning Of The End For Junior Elite Team

The final episode of "Dance Moms" season 6 on Tuesday, Nov. 22 picked up from the scene where the moms and Abby confronted each other on the day of the dance competition. The confrontation became fierce when Abby asked the moms and the kids to make a list of why they hate them, but the moms refused to grant her wish. Nia's mom, Holly, even accused the coach of degrading her students, saying, "At this point our girls need to leave and not let Abby degrade them anymore."

In that instance, Abby was provoked to do what she always does -- praise herself and press down the others. The ALDC owner said the moms along with their daughters would have been stuck in their homes had they not known Abby. The coach then stressed how she was a big catalyst for the stardom that the girls are currently enjoying. Jill then spoke up in defense of the group claiming the same thing, only the other way around. Abby then continued and told the Elite moms that her Minis team is far better than the Elites when they were at that age.

While we saw Abby weeping over losing her team in the first part of the finale, on part 2, she is back to her old self and tried to slap the truth about her worth to the Elite moms. She's using the Minis to bring down the Elites, yet she still found a way to hurt the feelings of her kids.

Before the competition, the Minis went to see the Elites and told them how no one among their moms stood up for them against Abby. The dancers above anyone else, know how it is like to be mistreated by the ALDC coach, and it is not a surprise that even the kids are feeling fed up with her already. The Elites then offer Peyton a slot in their new team which they call Mother Dance Studio.

The Dance Showdown

The solo acts were presented first before the group dances. Elliana, Alexus, and Peyton took the stage for the Minis while Brynn and Kalani represented the Elites. While the Elites soloists did an undeniably stunning act, Abby went bitter over their performance saying she's not even impressed. "They went to that other teacher, expecting a choreographer that just waves his magic wand and whips them into the ultimate shape in a week. Really? I didn't see anything magical," said the "Dance Moms" coach.

As for the group performances, both teams showed how improved they all have become as they delivered their acts perfectly. The Elites got a motivating talk from Erin before they went on stage. This may have been different for the Minis who were always threatened by their coach telling them that they have to deliver the act flawlessly... "or else."

The Results

The moment that the moms and Abby had all been waiting for finally arrived. The ALDC coach was all smiles when Elliana got first place for her solo dance, Peyton got second, and Alexus landed third. As for the Elites, Brynn also nabbed the first place while Kalani was not as lucky as she ended up second in her category.

The results for the group competition shocked everyone when the Minis got first place and the Elites fell to third place. At this point, the Elite moms already know what Abby is thinking and later on confronted her.

The moms again accused the ALDC owner for being disgusting when she tried to loudly cheer for the winner in Kalani's category. The confrontation was more heated up and the Elite moms confirmed that their hatred for Abby is never-ending and that their relationship is unfixable. This has led the moms to pack up and decide to leave the ALDC for good.

As for the upcoming "Dance Moms" season 7 which is scheduled to premiere on Nov. 29, Abby will obviously be left only with the Minis. Fans are then predicting that the coach will open auditions for new dancers that will make up the new Junior Elite Team of the ALDC LA.

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