Pokémon Go Tips, Tricks, Hacks: You'll Never Guess The One Requirement For Catching Ditto!

Pokémon GO gamers are reportedly catching Ditto in the wild since the Thanksgiving event was launched by Niantic on Nov. 23. However, Niantic may still have made the game very mobile, letting players walk around and catching other scrub Pokémon before getting the hard-to-catch Pokémon GO creature. In the meantime, the long wait for a Pokémon GO tracking device is said to be over as a once region-locked feature is reportedly starting to roll out in other areas.

Niantic previously added Ditto in Pokémon GO in July. Note that Ditto has the ability to mimic another creature's characteristics along with all its abilities and Combat Power. Taking Ditto inside a Pokégym is said to let the Pokémon GO creature turn into the first Pokémon it sees.

However, Pokémon GO players are reportedly required to catch a number of scrub Pokémon first before finding Ditto. Hence, Pidgeys and Rattatas are said to be plenty before the actual big Ditto catch. It is expected to be worth the catch since Ditto can also retain all moves that it has copied for the remainder of the fight. Note that when a Ditto bumps into another Ditto, the first moves are retained. It is yet to be revealed whether Ditto will remain to be in the wild post the Pokémon GO Thanksgiving event.

Meanwhile, a Pokémon GO nearby tracker that was previously region-locked in San Francisco has reportedly been available in more areas. Previously, Pokémon GO creator Niantic Labs released the tracker in San Francisco which shows Pokémon spawning close to nearby Pokéstops. This feature is said to make it easier to find Pokémon rather than using the random list of nearby creatures.

The Pokémon GO feature has also been revised in such a way that the Nearby feature will only be shown if a PokéStop is actually close to one's location. It should be noted that all states in the U.S. west of the Mississippi River except Alaska and Hawaii will be getting the new Pokémon GO feature. Additionally, the feature will be available in Canada and Australia too. Watch Catching Ditto in Pokemon GO here:

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