Pokemon Go Tracker News: 7 Tracking Apps For Android, iOS That Still Work

Pokemon GO developer Niantic has been rolling out with a plethora of updates but a tracking app is yet to be announced. Previous reports revealed that Niantic has banned third-party apps from accessing the game. However, there are still a couple of tracking apps that are said to work well in-game.

Niantic could not kill all tracking apps as several Pokemon GO tracking apps have been tested by Redditors on Android, iOS and PC. It should be noted that almost all of the tracking apps reportedly require a dummy account or a throwaway Pokemon Trainer Club Account. Apparently, using main account will lead it to getting banned.

There are five tracking apps reportedly available for Android smartphones. It is said that the tracking app Pokemap is the best with PokeAlert coming in second. PokeMesh, PokiiMap and PokeSensor is said to work with the Pokemon GO app as well.

As for Apple users, Pokemon GO tracking apps have also been found for iOS devices. Note that the PokeTracker requires between 5 to 20 dummy accounts while PokeSensor needs only one. Beacon GO and PokeWhere is also said to be working too.

Pokemon GO gamers on PC may also use to opt tracking apps. First off, the PokemonGo-DesktopMap is said to be a good tracking app but there are reports of potential bans. Moreover, PokemonGo Map, Pokeminer and Pokemon-radar.net still works as well.

In other news, there are also several tracking apps that reportedly should be avoided as Niantic is said to be tough in pushing its banwave. Apparently, several Pokemon GO trackers are deemed unsafe. Recent reports claim that Pokealert is no longer safe as players are getting banned using it.

Pokemon GO tracking apps that use API are also said to be affected by the banwave. Users of Pokemesh have also reported lost and dysfunctional accounts after the update that rolled out on Nov. 7. Furthermore, linking the original account to any third party apps will reportedly lead to losing one's account as well. Watch the Nearby Tracker Feature here:

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