You Wouldn't Believe How This Professor Uses Pokemon GO In School

There's always that conflict of interest between video games and education, but it's not entirely true for Pokemon GO. An Arizona State professor believes that Niantic's title has the potential to leverage the educational system of her school. While most may disagree, it's actually working wonders for her.

According to TouchArcade, the school professor who utilizes the hit augmented reality (AR) game Pokemon GO is named Karen Guerrero. She basically uses it to enhance her students' skills in geography, language and math, among others. And she actually has a very acceptable reason for doing so.

Guerrero suggests that as a teacher, it's important for her to capture her students' utmost attention. That way, she can ensure that their learning is well-kept and/or secured. Also, doing so makes her job a lot easier, especially when discussing topics that are quite hard to comprehend.

This is where Niantic's Pokemon GO becomes a valuable tool. Guerrero points out that whether or not her students play the game -- or at least know a thing or two about it -- they're willing to sit down and listen. After all, the title is very well-known in every corner of the world. The lesson she discusses is primarily focused on teaching students how to get better at map-reading. She also teaches them how to use vast geospatial technologies the right way. Let alone communicate with others using various geographic information. And yes, she did all of these using the aforementioned mobile game.

By using it, students try to search for a particular Pokemon. Or perhaps, it's there to help them understand the whereabouts of the creatures. After these, the in-game species are used to analyze the gathered data so as to determine which one are the easiest and the hardest ones to catch.

It's really fun to see how such a game like Pokemon GO can offer so much to table. That it can actually be used to revolutionize the way teachings are done in school. Of course, there are other ways to achieve this; however, it doesn't mean that Niantic's title fails to do so.

What are your thoughts on Pokemon GO being used at school? What can you say about Karen Guerrero's teaching techniques? Be sure to share with us your opinions or whatnots at the comment section below!

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