Finally, Ditto Has Been Captured In Pokemon GO!

Pokemon GO Things To Know About Ditto
Ditto is now out in the wild on Pokemon GO. Photo : Nintendo Wire / Amiibo News / YouTube

When Ditto was first reported to be included in Pokemon GO, most players were still skeptical about it. Well, that can't really be helped, especially if there's no hard evidence leading to his existence. However, players over social media sites have been claiming that finally it's been caught. It seems the hunt for this elusive creature is officially on.

In an announcement made by Kvothealar in The Silph Road Reddit community, he said that the aforementioned Pokemon rumors are true. After all, he himself caught it. The said community also revealed via Twitter that the creature was first found on the night of Nov. 22. It's worth noting that earlier that day, the specie's special skill called Transform was discovered to be added in the game.

There are also Pokemon GO players who confirmed Ditto's existence, stating that they themselves have obtained it. Kvothealar, in particular, was trying to catch a "dumb Rattata" somewhere in Canada when a cutscene appeared. Momentarily, to his surprise, the aforesaid Pokemon was Ditto after all.

It's safe to say that Ditto might not appear as what it should be in Pokemon GO. That, in one way or another, it may look as a normal creature. The only catch is that it's taking the form of another monster, and only will it reveal its true look once captured. The player also pointed out that the Pokemon's existence in the game may be random.

As of this writing, the University of Guelph campus is packed with various lure modules. Why? That's because the educational institution is where the elusive monster first appeared. And obviously, other players would want to try their luck. The interesting fact here is that another player also experienced the same thing. He stated that a Rattata also first appeared and suddenly, following a cutscene, Ditto appeared.

As previously reported here at iTech Post, the Pokemon's special move called Transform was recently discovered in the Pokemon GO game files. This signaled the arrival of the creature, though many speculated that it's already part of the hit augmented reality (AR) title. And perhaps, Niantic didn't bother to make an official announcement. Either way, the hunt is official on.

The Reddit contributor also shared a screenshot of Ditto, allowing the community to finally have a look-see. Heavy, on the other hand, notes that this creature might already be available in various places all over the world. There are trainers who reportedly found it, contradicting the idea that it's a rare Pokemon.

Some of the places Pokemon GO players captured the monster includes Walnut Creek and San Francisco -- both of which are part of the state of California. Savannah, Georgia and Davenport, Iowa are also among the list. Included here as well as are Ohio, Medford (Oregon), Rhode Island (Warwick Mall) and Chester County (Pennsylvania), among others.

Outside the US territory, there are also sightings of Ditto in Pokemon GO. This includes Australia, Argentina, France, Germany, Vietnam, UK, Canada, Brazil and Netherlands. As for the list of Pokemon believed to have been the creature's first look, it includes the likes of Rattata, Pidgey, Zubat, Spearow and Magikarp.

What are your thoughts on Ditto being part of Pokemon GO? Have you caught it already? If so, how was it? Share to us the details at the comment section below!

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