Ford Shows Value Of Safety, Puts Traction Control On Mustang Power Wheels

At a very young age, the concept of safety is not something children will easily understand. Apparently, without the right safety features even toy cars can be dangerous. This is why Ford shows value of safety and puts traction control on Mustang Power Wheels.

The Mustang Power Wheels

The Mustang Power Wheels is basically a smaller version of the Legendary Pony that children can drive around the house or the yard. As CNET reported, the little ride that children will soon get to enjoy is a result of Power Wheels and Ford teaming up. Accordingly, the Mustang Power Wheels features a powertrain that is controlled by what is referred to as Smart Drive computer allowing it to go for a maximum speed of five miles per hour.

Traction Control On Toy Cars?

It's true. It was reported that the Mustang Power Wheels come with traction control that monitors the speeds of the little car and adjusts it accordingly if wheel slip is detected. Other features include speed control which can be set via a LED touchscreen. The Mustang Power Wheels will also cut off the power in case the child riding steers too much and gets in danger of rolling the car over. While some people would find this silly, others may not. After all, every parent puts their children's safety above all.

Mustang Power Wheels Features

The Mustang Power Wheels is basically like the real thing having an auxiliary input for children to be able to listen to their favorite music. It also has a feature that allows the little Mustang to sound like the real thing in addition to looking like it.

Price And Availability

According to report from Jalopnik, the Mustang Power Wheels will be available in colors blue and pink next month and will have a price tag of $400. Compared to the Tesla Model S made by Radio Flyer for kids, the Mustang Power Wheels is cheaper by a good $100 as reported.

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