Brain Freeze Is So Passé; Eat Ice Cream To Make You Smarter, Study Suggests

As the holiday season is just around the corner, science has again found a reason for us to continue eating the all-time favorite ice cream, but there's a catch, not for desert but during breakfast instead. A recent clinical trial conducted by a Japanese scientist at Tokyo's Kyorin University, has found that there is indeed a link between eating ice cream in the morning to positive effects on the brain's performance. The research has concentrated on the potential-stress relieving and anti-aging capabilities of food choices.

Ice Cream For An Improved Mental State? How?

According to reports by Daily Mail, Professor Yoshihiko Koga, the study's lead researcher, had asked two groups to complete the test. One group of respondents was tasked to eat ice cream in the morning and another group who had been noted for having a normal breakfast. The test participants were then asked to complete a series of mental exercises on a computer.

It was consequently found that the group who had ice cream for breakfast had better performance when it comes to processing new information and showed faster reaction times. After examining the subjects' brain activity, Professor Koga found that ice cream eaters fired off an abundance of high-frequency Alpha-waves.

Furthermore, as per Independent, it was also found that Professor Koga has allegedly then tried doing the same experiment with cold water to check if the ice cream's temperature was simply shocking the subjects awake. However, the findings suggest that people who had drunk the cold water did show some level of increased mental performance and alertness, the effect was not as pronounced as with the ice cream.

Professor Koga is a renowned specialist in psychophysiology who has previously investigated the links between certain food types and stress relief. Ultimately, his research was found to have given emphasis on the effect of certain meals and scents on stress as well as anti-ageing.

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