Are You A Sex Addict? Unfaithful To Your Relationship Or A Nosy Parker? This Paperclip Test Tells What Kind Of Personality You Have

A Swiss psychiatrist has recently developed a certain type of test which he claims to have the ability of bringing out your true personality just by basing it on how you unbend a paperclip. He finds that something which is as basic as a paperclip could potentially suggest whether a person has the ability of being a two timer, a sex addict, or a nosy parker.

The Test And Its Features

According to reports by Daily Mail, it was found that when the renowned Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Mario Gmür had started investigating paperclips that has been bent by his patients, he realized that the twisted wire revealed a multitude about the creator's character, quirks and hidden desires.

It was found the so called "paperclip test" would be able to offer and provide an insightful personality gauge for anyone who has ever dealt with a paperclip, without thinking about the secrets that the unobjectionable metal wire might hold.

The Sex Addict, Social Climber, False Friend And More

As the International Business Time reveals it, Gmür has allegedly classified the different types of persons as the sex addict which is a passionate and sensuous person who loves to be seduced. The social climber, who is found to be fair-minded and polite and committed to self-improvement. The nosy parker on the other hand is someone he would describe as someone who would make an excellent informant for office gossips - or the secret service. The false friend is someone who would make an excellent spy. And the two timer is what Gmür describes as someone who distracts his victim through cunning and sleight of hand, then rob them blind. He was also able to allegedly classify someone who is a party goer to be someone who fits in anywhere and with anyone. The warrior, which he considers as someone who takes on the most ruthless aggressors and bring them down. Finally, the upright citizen which he suggests as someone who walks through life with his head held high since you got nothing to hide.

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