Battle Of The Point Guards: Kyrie Irving vs Stephen Curry vs Russell Westbrook, Who You Got?

Stephen Curry vs Kyrie Irving vs Russell Westbrook
Stephen Curry vs Kyrie Irving vs Russell Westbrook Photo : FreeDawkins / YouTube

All of us knows that right now is the golden ear of the point guards in the NBA. They are currently dominating the scene because of their incredible skills and different persona.

Where Are All The Big Men?

I remember decades ago when the NBA was dominated by the big men. It was a different kind of game style as these big men prefer to play on the post. Some big men dominated their position by finesse, and some do it by force like the great Shaquille O'neal. During the early 2000, we saw a glimpse of a new big men forming. They now have the capability to dribble up and down the court, and they also showed their outside touch.

Those big men we are pertaining to are the likes of Kevin Garnett, Rasheed Wallace, Tim Duncan,Chris Webber and Dirk Nowitzki. Among those men mentioned, Dirk was the most prolific and the first big men who was feared on the 3 point line. As the NBA TNT crew explained, the game is evolving and instead of the big men going to the hoop, they are trying to go outside and show that they have range too.

Point Guards Playing Big

The last time we saw guards dominated the league was the time when Michael Jordan was still playing in the NBA. However, the GOAT was still considered as a big guard or a shooting guard. Point guards has always been tagged as the floor generals. They are the coach on the floor and their job is to get the team together. They are known for directing plays and should have the first past mentality. But these era that we have right now shows otherwise. These 3 point guards are considered the top 3 right now and let us check who is the best among them.

Stephen Curry

Basketball is in his bloodline as his father played for the NBA before and currently his brother Seth is playing with Marc Cuban's Dallas Mavericks. Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter we have ever seen. He can literally shoot anywhere from the court. He's marksmanship is unbelievable that's why NBA 2K sports had a hard time creating his console version. Steph has a mean handle that goes with a soft touch. A two time MVP and a NBA champion, he's career is just getting started.

Kyrie Irving

Uncle Drew is a big time performer and he likes playing against the best players in the world. During the NBA Finals in game 7, he demonstrated why he should be considered the MVP for the years to come. He literally and figuratively outplayed Steph Curry. He then iced the game by nailing a 3 pointer in front of Steph Curry's face. Kyrie Irvings' handle is a thing of beauty. He has the best handles right now in the NBA. He can take it inside or outside and as per Charles Barkley said, he is the greatest lay-up maker in the NBA history. You don't believe me? Watch his highlights, he can do it both hands.

Russell Westbrook

The beast and the fiercest competitor we have right now, Russell Westbrook. Unlike Steph and Kyrie, Russell's game is about intimidation. He is very aggressive and highly competitive. He is there to destroy his opponents and he will let you know about it. His rim attack is second to none. Kobe Bryant said prior to his retirement that Russell is just like him when he was starting. An angry, stubborn, cut throat player.

Even the GOAT Michael Jordan who inducted Russell to Oklahoma City Hall Of Fame appreciates the competitiveness that Westbrook brings in the table. Westbrook is also dependable in playing defense but his only weakness is accuracy in shooting.

Those are just a few things we need to know about these three incredible point guards. We are privileged to watch these young men go at it against each other. But the question is, who you got?

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