Pokemon Sun And Moon' Guide: How To Get Bounsweet, Evolve To Steenee and Tsareena

Bounsweet is one of the sought after Pokemon in ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ for its cuteness and later on evolved to a beautiful yet dangerous ladylike Tsareena. At the start, it looks like a berry with a face. It evolves into Steenee who still looks like an upside down flower that resembles the shape of a girl. Lastly, it evolves to Tsareena that looks like a mature version of Steenee. This guide aims to help players find Bounsweet and successfully evolve up to Tsareena.

Where to Find Bounsweet, Steenee, and Tsareena

Bounsweet is usually found on Lush Jungle with a 40% spawn rate so players should easily encounter it within the first 5 wild Pokemon encounters. Unfortunately, Steenee and Tsareena are not found in the wild in ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’. Players will need to evolve Bounsweet in order to get her in their Pokedex and party.

How to Evolve Bounsweet to Steenee and finally Tsareena

To evolve Bounsweet to Steenee, players need to maximize happiness and get it to level 18. Then Tsareena can be attained when it has reached level 29 and have learned Stomp which should automatically come when it's at level 29 in ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’.

Skills Automatically Learned By Bounsweet By Levelling Up

Bounsweet and its evolve learns quite a number of skills on its own from the start until it reaches level 45 in ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’. The very first move it should learn is Play Nice by level 5, followed by Rapid Spin by level 9 and Sweet Scent at level 17. Then as it reaches level 37 it will learn Captivate, followed by level 41 with Aromatherapy and 45 with Leaf Storm.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Bounsweet, Steenee, and Tsareena

In ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’, Bounsweet and it's evolved is purely a grass Pokemon so it should be resistant to water, electric, grass and ground Pokemon. Of course, its weakness is fire, ice, poison, flying and bug Pokemon. The rest are normal so it will all come down to level and skills.

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