Pokemon Go Gen 2 Release Date: Reddit Announcement Unlikely; Here's Why

Pokemon GO Gen 2 is reportedly tasked to deliver an all new group of 100 Pokemon. However, there are rumors that the update will in fact be delayed to next year. Apparently, Niantic is working on perfecting the game to avoid falling back into an uninterested audience again in 2017.

It should be noted that game developer Niantic is yet to make an official announcement of new Pokemon. However, a Starbucks employee allegedly revealed the internal memo on a sub-Reddit Post. Apparently, the memo came from Niantic allegedly noting a new Pokemon GO Gen 2 marketing campaign to coincide with the Pokeman Version 2.

It is speculated that the source may not be true as the term Pokeman was shown in the supposed memo three times. Moreover, Redditors have noted the lack of any evidence that the letter did come from Starbucks. Furthermore, the error of Pokeman instead of Pokemon GO Gen 2 was also noted.

It is believed that the Redditor was only trying to get publicity by posing as a Starbucks employee with an internal memo. The Redditor further claims that the Pokemon Go Gen 2 would be a hefty update. It was also revealed that there would be an event where Niantic would build a PokeStop in all Starbucks cafes.

Meanwhile, rumor has it that Pokemon Go Gen 2 would be ready for launch in January 2017. Hence, its 100 new Generation 2 monsters may not all completely ready yet. On the other hand, several PoGo enthusiasts reportedly unearthed references to the new Pokemon GO Gen 2 monsters in the codes of the latest game update. Hence, avid players have been speculating the Pokemon Go Gen 2 release date.

Pokemon Go Gen 2 was previously rumored to be announced in the forthcoming weeks. Apparently, an upcoming massive update in December is believed to be the platform for "Pokemon GO Gen 2" and  the 100 Pokemon releases. However, it should also be noted that Niantic is used to rolling out the important features of the game little by little. Watch Pokemon GO Gen 2 Updates here:

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