Pokémon Sun And Moon Tips, Tricks & Guide: Finally! Pokemon Sun And Moon Can Be Beaten With Magikarp; How?

Pokemon Sun and Moon resources have reportedly been utilized to put a cap on the hit game with only a Magikarp. The latest news reveal one guy's celebration of finishing off the game with his unevolved character. The gamer noted that he tricked the enemies to reach the Hall of Fame.

A plethora of screen captures have reportedly been on display in one guy's Twitter page. Apparently, the Japanese player has been able to cap his game. The shots he took were in the Hall of Fame of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Moreover, it is interesting to note that an unevolved Magikarp has made it to the famous attainment.

On that note, the gamer said that it was time for sushi. It should be revealed that the Japanese title Yashoku is evening meal when translated. Furthermore, the player also became widely known for utilizing his Everstone in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Apparently, the gamer did not opt for Gyarados.

Furthermore, Everstone was also being played at level 70. On another note, Pokemon Sun and Moon was also defeated with mere Normal flails. Hence, Pokemon Sun and Moon skeptics reportedly studied the undertaking to know how Ghost types were defeated with such an attack. On this note, the player responded that all PPs were utilized for each Normal attack.

Then, struggle was also utilized to damage the Ghost types. Now regarding the tougher battles, this gamer's struggle tactic was said to be used in reverse. Hence, when the Pokemon Sun and Moon Magikarp would heal, his opponents would actually be losing their PPs. The enemies would then be left to struggle and deplete their own health.

Meanwhile, a new tour is coming to Pokemon Sun and Moon. A new Easter Egg is reportedly about to be unleashed that will let players into the developer's offices. It is further speculated that new developments will also be whispered in the Gamefreak tour.

The Pokemon Sun and Moon office will reportedly remain unfazed. Furthermore, a new rumor has surfaced online showing Pokemon Stars in the making. The updated Pokemon Sun and Moon is expected to launch a Nintendo Switch version by next year. Watch the Magikarp's Z-Moves here:

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