Popular Overwatch Aimbot Cheat Secretly Created By Blizzard Employee?

Just like in any other games, one can't simply expect everyone to play fair and square in Overwatch. It's actually an inevitable thing, though Blizzard can really do something about it. While it's true that most cheaters were tracked by the studio, there are still exploitations in the game. And why is that? Well, that's because these people are just simply good at hiding. But hey, it's even surprising to know that one of these cheats was created the company's employee.

In a YouTube video (embedded below) courtesy of Chuck Norris (nope, not the Hollywood guy), players will get to understand just how sneaky these cheats can work in the game. If most players think that aiming cheats is all about having an automatic shot to the head, it's actually more complicated than that. Besides, who wouldn't think of such idea, right? Well, no.

In the video, it discusses how aiming tricks in Overwatch work in a rather much detailed way. That, instead, it works as an assist sort of thing, guiding the user where the aim should perfectly go. And by doing so, any player would think that nothing happened behind the scene. That it was purely luck or talent, making it a human thing to do in the eyes of others. That along makes the exploit a hard one to notice.

Unfortunately, this cheat isn't that easy to find. Heck, most players would even think that there was nothing wrong going on. There are theories, however, that Blizzard itself made it. According to Kotaku, a popular forum in the internet suggests that an employee from the company created it. He's known to be Godfrey, but in the game, he's using Raiden. It's believed that he's doing it, so as to ban players who's using the cheat.

Interestingly, there are Overwatch players who explain that it's quite safe to use. That those who decide to download it shouldn't be worried. Others state that the aimbot is by far the best tool they've used. And oh, it's called DvASystems. It's not for free, though. For those who're looking to use it (please don't), they have to break their wallet.

No matter how good or bad a cheat is, it's still not a good practice. It takes the fun away, let alone the experience of playing the game fairly. Players can just really hope that Blizzard does something about it.

What are your thoughts on Overwatch players cheating in the game? How about the aimbot allegedly created by a Blizzard employee? Let us know what you think at the comment section below!

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