‘Passengers’ Latest Update: Most Ambitious Sci-Fi Space Movie Starring Chris Pratt And Jennifer Lawrence To Premiere Dec. 2016

A new movie, "Passengers," is coming very soon. It promises to be the next big event. This movie boasts of two big stars as well as a gripping story which is the right formula for a box office hit. It is a sci-fi space film that movie buffs will not want to miss.

Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt Are Playing The Lead Roles

"Passenger" has two of the brightest stars in Hollywood playing the main characters. This is the first time that Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt will be together in a film. The producers are hoping that their chemistry will provide the right spark that will ignite the box office.

The Original Cast Was Different

The movie was based on a script that has been around for over 10 years. It even got close to being made with Reese Witherspoon and Keanu Reeves playing the lead roles. But the production costs ballooned, partly because of the leading stars' high pay. A lot depend though on the chemistry of the male and female lead.

Budget Seems Not To Be A Problem Anymore

It appears that the producers have found a way out of their budgetary problems. "Passengers" is touted to be a big budget sci-fi film. Its director is Mortem Tyldum, the director of the movie thriller "Headhunters."

In "Passengers," Lawrence and Pratt are two passengers who unfortunately woke up 90 years early. They are supposed to be in hibernation for about 120 years until they reach their destination planet. But through some problems both of their hibernation capsules opened and they were forced to wake up.

They discovered that they were in a spaceship full of people who are inside their respective capsules and they were the only two people awake. There are other characters in the spaceship but they don't really know if they are real people or just robots. The teaser below will give a taste of what the movie is all about.

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