Pokémon Sun and Moon Guide: How To Get Silvally

Pokémon Sun and Moon has a lot of awesome tricks to improve your experience in raising your Pokémon and one of them is how you can easily boost your Pokémon's Happiness or commonly known as friendship. Moreover, this will also help you evolve Type:Null into Silvally a lot quicker in the process.

Pokémon Sun and Moon Guide: Best Way to Raise Happiness

To start off, you need two essential things first. The primary item you need is the Luxury Ball. What this does is that it doubles all the friendship points you get with the Pokémon you caught through battles, leveling, etc. Afterwards, head over to Route 3 and talk to a specific man (guide will be shown in the video down below). This man will give you a Soothe Bell which will also help boost your Pokémon's friendship gain.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide: How to Get Silvally Easily

You need to remember that once you have Type: Null, you need to ideally raise your friendship first before you start leveling it up as this Pokémon only evolves through the Happiness meter. If you somehow abuse the Pokémon, you'll never be able to get it to evolve into Silvally. Now, the trick to evolving Type:Null easily is to use the Soothe Bell and raise your Happiness effectively through walking along patches of grass. During battles, Soothe Bell effectively boost your friendship significantly which helps you a lot in getting Silvally. Verlisify even shows how effective this method works not only on Type:null but also on all Pokémon that relies on friendship to evolve including Meowth.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide: Impact of Friendship/Happiness

Your relationship with your Pokémon has a significant impact in the game. One of the ways that it can affect you is that some in-game features won't be available if your friendship meter is low (i.e. exclusive items and ribbons). Also, the friendship meter has an impact on the two abilities in the game namely Return and Frustration. Return basically deals more damage the higher your friendship is while Frustration deals more damage when the meter gets lower. The exact calculation for the two moves is as follows:

Base Power = Friendship / 2.5
Base Power = (255 - Friendship) / 2.5

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