Pokemon Sun and Moon Tips: How To Get Shiny Pokemon

Pokemon Sun and Moon is now officially out and a lot of you may have already known about the "Shiny Pokemon" or the Pokemon that have different coloration from the usual versions. It's deemed to be "rare Pokemon" although there's no variation in stats at all. But nonetheless, a lot of players are seeking these shiny Pokemon and today, we're going to share you an amazing trick to get Shiny Pokemon right on the get-go.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Tips: Shiny Pokemon

As you may have noticed, basically all of Pokemon games start with a simple task: "choosing a starter pack" and this leads to a myriad of choices depending on which versions you get. But in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, all of the starter packs have the chance to drop a random "Shiny Pokemon" on the get-go. Yes, that's right! You can easily get a Shiny Pokemon by choosing your first starter pack but it takes a whole lot of luck to get one in your first try.

The Trick...

So how do you easily get a shiny pokemon? Well, simply restart your game over and over again until you get a shiny Pokemon on your starter pack! Yes, it's as easy as that! Not only does it saves you from a ton of harships catching Pokemon randomly, it also gives you the advantage of obtaining a high-stat Pokemon which will be explained down below.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Trick: Perks of Restarting

Aside from getting a shot at obtaining a rare Pokemon, you can also get high-stat Pokemon when you restart the game. Note that the Pokemon you obtain via the starter pack don't come with the same stats and nature. You may even get a male Popplio via this trick; with a 87% chance of getting one during your first try. More importantly, aside from getting a shiny pokemon, you should be aiming to get a high-stat Pokemon when restarting as it'll give you a definitive head start from the rest.

Whatever starter pack you prefer, try to aim for a higher-stat Pokemon or if you're into rarer ones, try to restart the game over and over again until you get yourself your very own shiny Pokemon. We hope this simple tip helps you in getting yourself a shiny Pokemon on the get-go!


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