Pokemon GO News, Niantic Teases What's Next After Ditto; What Can We Expect In The Coming Weeks?

Niantic is letting its fans enjoy Ditto in Pokemon GO. However, fans are asking what will happen next since the latest Pokemon was introduced in the game. The developer said that there are big changes coming next month.

What To Expect In Pokemon Go?

In a report on Express, after Ditto's revelation in Pokemon GO, Niantic is ready to introduce two big updates for the upcoming update. The two big updates are expected to change the gameplay. There are rumors that fans were curious whether Gen 2 Pokemon is a possibility or not. 

There are speculations that more legendary Pokemon will be released in Pokemon GO. "We'll have more details on those in the weeks ahead, but that was a core part of our strategy for Ingress," Niantic CMO Mike Quigley explained.

Niantic might be using the real life events happening as inspiration in the upcoming updates of Pokemon GO. The developer is very happy with the feedbacks of the gamers. It seems that its strategies are starting to work again so the game will not be out of the spotlight. Fans need to wait for further announcements from the developer on what will come next.

Pokemon GO Might Be Introducing New Legendary Pokemon?

Besides Ditto's addition to Pokemon GO, players are starting to speculate whether legendary monsters such as Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno will be part of the game. Players are anticipating the arrival of these legendaries since they did not come with the rest of the Gen 1 Pokemon.

It was reported previously by Eurogamer that Articuno was caught by a player. This was proven to be a mistake on Niantic's part. Right now, there is no legendary bird that is currently roaming the skies. Hopefully, though, they will be launched soon.

Pokemon GO is slowly making its way back to the spotlight after Pokemon Sun and Moon's release. Hopefully, Niantic can still keep up with the latter's popularity because other players are switching to the latest game.

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