The Truth Behind Men’s Underwear: Why They Don’t Get To Wash Their Underwear Often

At some point, we are probably all guilty of not washing some things as often as we should, whether it's our bed sheets or our jeans. But for the unhygienic idea that men have been stereotyped with for quite some time now, has been argued by health experts since then. However, a new study has recently confirmed that men do really tend to wear the same pair of boxer shorts for days on end. The study finds that one in every five British men wears the same underwear multiple times before giving them its much needed wash.

The Survey Results

According to Daily Mail, it was found that in a survey conducted by YouGov, the result shows that only 6 percent of women have confessed of having the same dirty habit. However, the research finding has also found that when it comes to bras, 41 per cent of women claim to wear theirs three to five times before washing them, and a quarter of the respondents have said that they wear their bras twice before washing them.

What A Hygiene Like This Could Mean

Experts believe that dirty clothes, especially underwear and socks, can quickly accumulate microorganisms, which, in turn, could potentially lead to a nasty rash. On the other hand, Mogaznews reveals that the frequent wash of bras can damage the elasticity, thus damaging the level of support they provide in return. It doesn't need much of an explanation but washing your underwear daily is just but vital for our health particularly when it comes to hygiene.

Furthermore, experts suggest the need to be mindful of the fact that the recommended frequency of washing bras differ from washing underwear, while we are advised to wash our underwear every day, the washing guidelines for bras vary from several days to a week.

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