Nintendo Switch Welcomes 'Pokemon Sun And Moon, 'Skyrim' And 'Legend Of Zelda' On Release

Ever since Nintendo officially announced the Nintendo Switch to the gaming world, fans all over the world have been hungry and eager for more information about its hardware specifications, official release date, and even the possible Nintendo Switch game line-ups that will come along with it. The Nintendo Switch is on the verge of becoming the next best console on the market so it is understandable why fans are demanding answers from Nintendo.

Pokémon Sun and Moon to Nintendo Switch

Currently, Pokémon Sun and Moon is the highest-selling Pokémon game for Nintendo, and according to rumors, it is also going to make its way to the possible Nintendo Switch game line-up. Fans are especially excited to hear about this since it was mentioned that a third game called Pokémon Stars is also in the works and it will be able to communicate and interact with Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Leaked games

The latest and most recent Nintendo Switch leak though is a report from cogconnected. According to them, an insider for Nintendo, Laura Dale of LetsPlayVideiGames, has leaked the game line-ups and each of their official release dates for the Nintendo Switch on her Twitter account.

Games for Nintendo Switch

According to her tweet, during the first game release for the Nintendo Switch, gamers will be having "3D Mario," "Mario Rabbids RPG," "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim," "Just Dance 2017" and "Splatoon." These games were not included in the initial announcement, but Nintendo has been reported to be working hard on them right now.

More games to come

For the next 6 months, Nintendo Switch will be bringing in other popular titles like "Super Smash Bros," "Mario Kart 8," "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild," "Super Mario Maker," "Xenoblade Chronicles X," and "The Silver Case." The release will also include the speculated "Guardians of the Galaxy official game" and other episode games that will be released as a lead up to the upcoming movie.

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