Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: Best Alola Places To Level Up Fast

Pokemon Sun and Moon are just a week old but the hype for these Nintendo 3DS games are here to stay. However, instead of the usual game leaks and data mined info, fans are now focusing on guides, tips and tricks to help them get through some difficult or puzzling challenges in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

One of the highly needed support when playing Pokemon Sun and Moon is on defeating enemies in Pokemon battles. And of course, it's highly understandable that in order to get a better advantage in fights, trainers need to grind their way to earn more EXP and of course, to make your Pokemon stronger. Before you confuse your way through the many different places of Pokemon Sun and Moon Alola region, here's a guide to the best Alola region spots where you can level up quickly.

Paniola Ranch

For recommended levels 15 in Pokemon Sun and Moon, head over to the Paniola Ranch in Akala Island. Miltank Pokemon, the Milk Cow Pokemon which has Thick Fat for ability, are known to spawn in this area and they offer great EXP rewards for trainers. And if you grind hard in this area, level 20 in Pokemon Sun and Moon would just be as easy as apple pie.

Akala Outskirts

Those who have reached Level 25, don't forget to grind at Akala Outskirts. To get you excited, this is where Wingulls spawn and to get you more excited, there is a 35 percent chance you'd encouter Alolan Raticates with already high levels. And if you're super lucky, they are said to offer EXP by the thousands.

Vast Poni Canyon

At Pokemon Sun and Moon level 35, expect Pokemon encounters to get more menacing. But just keep moving to Vast Poni Canyon, you'd be delighted you did as a number of wild beasts at level 40 and above are seen to appear here.

Altar of Sunne or Moone

For hard-hitting Pokemon Sun and Moon trainers already at level 35 and above, you'd encounter Level 40+ Skarmory, Lyrcanroc and Machoke at patches of grass outside the altar where your Legendary Pokemon is to be found.

Battle Buffet

If you're level 45 and above in Pokemon Sun and Moon, visit Melemele Island, specifically Hau'oli City, go to the large mall and head up to the central stairs. Once you've found a place called Battle Buffet, prepare to cash out 1,200 Pokedollars but don't worry, it's going to be worth it as it give EXP rewards when battling Pokemon level 50. However, the place can only be visited once a day and has a limit of 10 battle turns per ticket. In short, better knock those enemies out fast so you'd have more experience as a reward.

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