Most Hated Video Game Characters As Of 2016
We all have that one character we hate from a video game. Be it a protagonist or villain, there's something in that persona that we hate so much. Here are some of them as of 2016. Photo : YouTube / ToadSpeedgaming

Sure, there are a bunch of most hated video game characters lists on the internet, and this is one of them. Let me take a stab at it and list some of my own set of hated characters. Starting from the NES days up to today's modern games.

Video game characters can be adorable but sometimes they can get too annoying that you'd start to build hatred towards them. Seeing the mere image of these characters would trigger your anger meter and would just boil your blood. Without further ado, here are my personal lists of hated video game characters.

That dog from duck hunt

Now, kids, I'm not sure if you are familiar with it but Duck Hunt was one of the best titles for the Nintendo Entertainment System and it is also one of the most hated games. It requires an NES zapper as it is one of the first awesome first person shooters in the 80s, except that back then you'd hunt ducks instead of other players.

What makes the dog annoying and hate-able? Well, the game is very fun until you FAIL. This annoying dog's existence to the world has only one purpose - to mock you when you miss to hit a duck. When on a hunt, the dog's purpose is to be on your side and assist you. Not this dog.

Princess Toadstool

If you're thinking that we should hate Bowser for his evil acts in all the Super Mario titles, then think again. The most hate-able character should be princess Toadstool herself. Why? Because she always allows herself to be kidnapped. Over and over, Mario seems to be tireless and patient when it comes to rescuing the princess, who is always in another castle. The princess never really thought of upgrading her security despite all those kidnappings. I have a theory she's the mastermind behind all of them. This is why we should hate her, 'nuff said (mic drop).

Shao Kahn

Okay, this is pretty straight forward. He's the main antagonist of some of the Mortal Kombat titles that's why we should hate him. If you think that way, then you're wrong. What you should hate about this war god is that he's over-powered, one flick and you're dead. Seriously putting that kind of character is a very effective way to annoy players who worked their way to climb the ladder in Mortal Kombat. Plus that hammer of his is pretty annoying.

Duke Nukem

Personally, I love this guy back when I was a teenager. Being macho and all, Duke Nukem seems to please his fans with his catch phrases and the ability to kill all alien pig-like monsters. But as we grow old, he turns out to be a bit of a Jerk. An adult guy with the thinking of a 12-year-old.

Jason Mars

Now, I know everyone is pretty much mad about that origami kidnapper slash child murderer from Heavy Rain but the real person to hate here is Jason Mars. Yes, the very kid that was the reason of Ethan Mars' trouble in the first place. The kid is so impulsive that everytime there's something that kicks his interest, he'd go on and get to it not listening to his parents at all. Even if it means talking to a stranger which makes it very stupid, the kid pretty much reminds us that some people just need to stop breeding.

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