Mario Could Be On Xbox In The Near Future, Exec Loves The Idea, Possible Mashups Can Happen

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It would be awesome to have all video game characters mashed up into one game. Today, they are bounded by branding terms. If this pushes through, it will be awesome to see Mario VS Master Chief. Photo : YouTube / CryZENx

The idea of putting Mario on Xbox popped out today as the topic was discussed during Phil Spencer's interview with That would actually make a pretty good game, harnessing the console's power, we could see a differently rendered Mario. This could also mean for lots of cross-overs between Mario's world and Xbox's. Nintendo and Microsoft already had worked together for Minecraft Wii U so the relationship tie is not an issue.

Future projects are possible between the two gaming giants and it has been hinted by Spencer himself during the said interview. Spencer expresses his admiration he says that Nintendo is the best when it comes to its first-party franchises. He also added something that would pretty much excite both Nintendo and Xbox fans alike, he would "love to see Mario on Xbox" provided if things go well between the two companies.

Another aspect Spencer has shared to everyone is that Nintendo has instilled within us the early and fun gaming memories, including yours truly, and that concept is very welcome to be experienced once again on the Xbox.

"Nintendo has the strongest first-party of anybody...They're just fantastic and the memories that they have instilled in so many of us, who've played their games and had those delightful experiences, having those on Xbox would be great."

Talking about stuff on Minecraft for the Wii U, the decision to serve a Microsoft game to a competing console might be questionable but Spencer has defended that his experience with Nintendo was "great", he also added that he wants to do some more projects with them. Building a strong relationship with Nintendo would mean more possible projects, and for the console wars, this would mean the dividing console groups and tossing hatred to one another would just be a thing of the past.

Spencer is very positive about working with Nintendo that when asked if he wants Banjo to join Super Smash Bros. his response is a solid "Yes, I would do that in a second." To sum it up, Spencer values Nintendo as an important part in gaming history and industry.

On Possible Nintendo Games for the Xbox and Mergers

Since Xbox architecture is different from Nintendo's consoles, porting Mario games would be difficult to do. On worse cases, it may be built from scratch. But thinking the possibility of running Nintendo games on Xbox would make you think, is there going to be a merger between Nintendo and Microsoft? In a world of tough competition, the only way to topple a giant competitor is to join forces with the smaller ones.

At the current state, Nintendo consoles are inferior compared to the PlayStation and Xbox, and it happens every generation. Also, Nintendo wants to get back on the console wars as they have been in the bottom of the race for the longest time. Should we expect a console built by both Nintendo and Microsoft? Is the Nintendo Switch the gateway for such ideas? What do you think about this speculation? Hit us with your thoughts on the comments section below. Until then, keep it here, and keep gaming.

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