Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide, Tips: 6 Things You Should NOT Do And 8 Things That You Can – But Probably Don’t Know

Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide, Tips: 6 Things You Should NOT Do And 8 Things That You Can – But Probably Don’t Know
There are some things you do in Pokemon Sun and Moon that helps your gameplay. But there are also some moves that can get you in trouble. Photo : DuncanKneeDeep/YouTube

Pokemon Sun and Moon has just been released and Poke players are already very busy with Pokemon training and catching 'em all. As early as it is into the game, there are still a lot of things to be done and even more new Pokemon to discover. With the lot of things that you have to do, it's very important that you also know how to get yourself free from trouble.

Some things you do in the game help you level up. But some might bode ill for you and your Pokemon. So to help you avoid these troubles, here are the things you should NOT do when you play Pokemon Sun and Moon and the rest of the things that you can - and should - do but probably don't know.

Do NOT Catch Just One Type Of Pokemon

Pokemon Sun and Moon teems with more than 800 Pokemon. That means that you have plenty of choices from water-types to fire-types to electric-types and every other Pokemon type that you will see in the game. The idea is that you should not stick to catching just one type of Pokemon, say fire-types because they are your favorites. If you want to be able to meet every island challenge, you have to have a balanced team of Pokemon. That's why you are advised to catch 'em all and by all you need Pokemon of all types be they electric-, water-, fire-, fairy-, grass- or ice-types just to name a few.

Do NOT Spend Too Much Or All Your Money On Clothes

Customizing your trainer in Pokemon Sun and Moon is pretty cool because you have plenty of options to choose from. It's really tempting to change your trainer's look from time to time. But if you're just beginning the game, you better save your money for more important items like Poke Balls or Potions. Believe us, you will have plenty of disposable income to spend on clothes later on. Just spend for what you need at the moment. You can buy whatever you want later when you have leveled up into the game.

Do NOT Worry About Training Pokemon That Are HM-Ready

Thanks to the new game feature in Pokemon Sun and Moon, Poke Ride, HMs are no longer a problem with Pokemon. That is, you use an HM to teach your Pokemon some new moves and deleting HMs can be a pain just so you can train them for a new one. With Pokemon Sun and Moon, you can train any Pokemon you want and not worry about them not being good in battle.

Do NOT Send All Your Reject Pokemon In Wonder Trade

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y have one feature that has been brought back to Pokemon Sun and Moon - Wonder Trade. This wonderful feature allows you to send one Pokemon into the void and in return, get a random Pokemon. The idea of this feature is that the Pokemon you send out will be received by another Poke trainer. So if you don't want to receive reject Pokemon in return, send out a Pokemon that is worthy of having like an Alolan exclusive, especially if you're feeling quite generous.

Do NOT Try To Recycle Trash

Looking for other people's stuff on trash cans might seem normal in previous Pokemon games. This might sound a little disappointing for players who have been into Pokemon games ever since. But yeah, sorting out the trash can to see and find items that might help you is a big no-no in the game. Just don't do it.

Do NOT Forget To Save Your Game

Obviously, saving your game is very important - and not just in Pokemon Sun and Moon. This one tip is a no-brainer for everyone. Sometimes, the battle becomes too tough that you have to give your Pokemon time to recover from being worn out. Just like any other game, not saving your game will likely bring you back to where you had been before and that can be really frustrating. So to avoid this from happening, never forget to save your game.

Pokemon Sun And Moon Demo Can Be Transferred

Pokemon Sun and Moon allows the transfer of the demo you have played from before. But aside from transferring Ash Greninja, you can also transfer the items you got from the demo into the main game. How? Just open the demo with the full game and then go to the Pokemon center. Once you're there, you can talk to the Professor who will give you the option to transfer all items and from the demo into the main game.

The Pokedex Is The Key For Hard-To-Find Pokemon

There are times when you battle a certain Pokemon that you want for yourself. Unless you have a QR code ready for scanning, the best way for you to find out its natural habitat is to find it in the Pokedex. The Dex contains Pokemon information even for those you have not caught yet. It's a very handy tool when you have one Pokemon that you really want to find and include in your collection.

The Time Of Day Matters A Lot When Catching Pokemon

You can catch Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon all day and all night. However, you have to remember that some Pokemon are more common during the day and some are more common during the night. Another reason why there is a distinction for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. If you're trying to catch a certain Pokemon during the day and you're not very lucky, then you might want to catch it by night time and vice versa.

Pokemon Can Call For Help

Having a fight of two Pokemon against one may seem unfair but that's how it goes with Pokemon Sun and Moon. That is, another Pokemon can summon an ally to help when they are not making too well in battle, which is sort of an S.O.S. call. Unlucky for you, you will have to fight both of them. Don't worry though, the same principle goes for your principle. But in case you cannot summon some form of help, you have to wait until there's just one Pokemon standing on the field before you can use a Poke Ball.

Defeat The Stronger Enemies First

When you go on a Pokemon fight, you might find yourself fighting off not just one but multiple enemies. Take for example Totem Pokemon. These Pokemon will continue to summon allies one after another to help them defeat you. Instead of fighting off the allies first, fight off the Totem Pokemon so they can stop calling for other allies. Then you can knock off their allies one by one and you don't have to worry about more coming out.

There Are Different Poke Balls To Use When Catching Pokemon

You may not be aware of it but there are actually different kinds of Poke Ball that you can use in battle. Stronger Pokemon requires Ultra Balls and Great Balls since they are harder to catch compared to regular Pokemon. Catching a stronger Pokemon with a Poke Ball even if they are at low health will not work. You better invest on Great Balls or Ultra Balls so you can always be prepared.

Some Pokemon Evolve From Friendship

Pokemon Sun and Moon has a hidden stat that is quite hard to gauge - friendship. This stat is hard to evaluate until you have played the game for a certain period of time. The good thing about friendship is that it allows you to evolve some Pokemon effectively like Pichu, Munchlax and Meowth. So now that you know, be friendlier to your Pokemon by petting them, giving them massages and feeding them.

Hidden Items Are Just Waiting

Pokemon Sun and Moon contains hidden items that you can pick up along the way into the game. The items are usually hidden by the rocks or some really tall grass. There's no sure way on where these hidden items are except when you have access to Stoutland Search that is in Poke Ride. When you have the Stoutland Search, all you have to do is press B while you go on a Poke Ride and all locations where those hidden items are will be bared before your eyes.

One More Bonus: You Can Use Other Beds

Sleep and rest time is essential not just to Pokemon but also to Poke trainers. If you feel sleepy and all you can find is another person's bed, sleep on it. Doing so will not affect your gameplay or anything. But it's something that you can do to give yourself some well-deserved rest.

Which of these tips have you done so far? If you are playing this Pokemon Sun and Moon on 3DS, you might want to check out our tips and tricks there as well to help your gameplay even better. Don't forget to let us know about your thoughts on the comment section, too.

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