League Of Legends New Character Update: What To Expect From The Latest Character Camille?

League of Legends recently added a new character named Camille. The new character has amazing defensive as well as offensive abilities. With the pure balance to this new character, it can be an unstoppable opponent in any situations. Camille's nature in the game is the Steel Shadow, making her a dark cyber-human. As a matter of fact, this new character can go alone in a group of enemy champions but is most likely more effective in a one on one situation.

What To Expect From The Abilities Of Camille In League of Legends?

One of the abilities of Camille is Adaptive Defenses, which is a passive skill, giving her a shield for every attack given by the enemies. The strength of the damage increases based on the maximum HP of Camille. Another skill is for Q. Named Precision Protocol, it makes the following attacks of Camille deal additional damage. Movement speed will also increase, as long as the skill is cast. Precision Protocol can be cast twice, dealing true damage to the enemy for the second strike. Tactical Sweep goes for the W Using this skill will allow her to deal damage to the enemies based on their maximum HP, following a slow effect to the ones that got damaged.

Next for the E are the Hookshot and Wall Dive. The former skill is very useful in escaping and pursuing. It will stun all of the enemies around the landing area of the wall drive. Hitting a champion with Hookshot then Wall Dive will also give Camille an additional attack speed. The R skill of the new champion is Hextech Ultimatum, giving her the ability to leap on enemies and knocking all of the allies around the target. The last skill also imprisons the targeted enemy while giving Camille an additional magic damage.

What Is The Strength And Weaknesses Of Camille In League of Legends?

Camille has all the abilities to be unstoppable in one on one situation. Her skills can make an amazing combo, knowing that Precision Protocol while pursuing the enemy with Hookshot is kind of a cool run and gun combo. On the other side, it has some difficulty in terms of skill maneuvers. A newbie player will definitely have a hard time, as they will try to perfect the Hookshot. Placing every skill at the right time could also take some time to practice.

League of Legends can be played on PC.


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