'The Vampire Diaries' Star Ian Somerhalder And Wife Nikki Reed Expecting First Baby Already Amidst Divorce Rumors?

For the past few months, actor Ian Somerhalder has been bombarded with rumors that he is getting divorced with wife Nikki Reed, with ex-girlfriend Nina Dobrev placed as the reason for her return on "The Vampire Diaries" season eight. How true is it that amidst divorce rumors, Nikki Reed is allegedly pregnant with their first baby?

Nikki Reed Rumored To Be Pregnant Despite Divorce Rumors With Husband, "The Vampire Diaries" Star Ian Somerhalder

Ever since "The Vampire Diaries" executive producer Julie Plec announce that the series' season eight will already be the last, the fans of the show have been pushing for Elena's return, aka Nina Dobrev. However, given Nina and Ian's past relationship, her possible return has added spark to the burning flame of divorce rumors between the actor and his wife, Nikki Reed. The fans of the tandem between Ian and Nina have been hoping that they would find love in each other again, hence wanting the actress to reunite with the actor on the show.

However, just recently, despite the speculations that Nikki Reed is divorcing Ian Somerhalder, allegedly because of cheating on her with Dobrev, there are new reports claiming that she is pregnant. Somerhalder has always been vocal about his desire to start a family soon, and after he got married, people were expecting a little Ian already on the way. It hasn't happened just yet since they are both busy on their careers, but with "The Vampire Diaries" already coming to an end, the actor can definitely have the time to raise a family already.

Ian Somerhalder Still Looking In Love With Wife, Nikki Reed

Somerhalder and his wife have remained quiet throughout the whole rumors circulating, while randomly posting videos or photos together on social media. Sometimes, they are also spotted being romantic outside of work as they try to live their normal lives. Thus, it is more likely that the pregnancy rumors could be more realistic than the divorce rumors. However, with no one to confirm it yet, it is too soon to assume that the pregnancy rumors are indeed true.

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