Everything You Need To Know About Bipolar Disorder And Lying, Could There Be A Link?

Bipolar disorder has been known as a mental illness marked by cycles of mania and depression. Apart from mood swings, a person with this condition may display a range of other unusual behaviors. Recent reports show that people with bipolar disorder and their loved ones have sometimes admittedly said that the condition entails a higher tendency to tell lies as compared to a regular type of person.

Truth Or Hoax: The Connection Of The Disorder To Lying

As per Medical News Today, it was found that although lying is not a diagnostic symptom of bipolar disorder, an anecdotal evidence suggests that the condition may make people more prone to lying. Previously, bipolar disorder is commonly known as manic depression which usually take place due to the faulty brain function that often leads to a swift change in a person's mood. Experts say that some of the commonly seen symptoms include sleep disturbance and quite a number of episodes with difficulty in thinking.

Meanwhile, as reported in Bipolar Lives, in all fairness for people with bipolar disorder, everyone lies at some point in our lives.Thus, this issue could be more fairly cast as "do people with bipolar disorder tell extra lies?"

It was found that during an episode, the normal self is temporarily replaced by someone who is convinced they are special and superior. Hence, the person with the disorder is now wrapped up in themselves that they can only perceive other people and events through their own self-engrossment. However, medically speaking, experts have highly emphasized the fact that there isn't any statistical evidence or clinical proof that proves disorder increases the frequency of lying.

Ultimately, it was noted that if ever this tendency happens, it may be linked to features of mania such as memory disturbances, rapid speech and thinking, impulsiveness, and a tendency to make destructive behavior choices.


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