Pokémon Sun and Moon Guide: How To Get Team Skull Clothes

Team Skull is an iconic villain group in Pokémon Sun and Moon that dresses gothic-like theme attires. Now, with their villainous and gothic theme, who wouldn't want their dress right? Well, good news for you as there is a way on how you can obtain Team Skull's clothes! Get ready to rock the world out of your opponents and friends!

Pokémon Sun and Moon Guide: Where How to Get Team Skull Clothes

Getting Team Skull's clothes is fairly easy. You just have to go to the gang's hideout in Po Town. Once you enter Po Town, immediately turn right and head straight to the building in front of you. From here, you'll come across two members of Team Skull who will then introduce themselves through a little chat. Afterwards, they will then sell the Team Skull Tank Tops for 10,000 Poke-Yen. Just select buy and that's pretty much it!

Pokémon Sun and Moon Guide: Getting Team Skull's Themed Outfit

Team Skull only sell their tops but if you really want to look like a member of Team Skull, then you may want to get their hoes and hats right? Well you can actually buy items that resemble Team Skull's hats and shoes by going to the Community Center in Maile. Inside the center, you can find a lady that sells shoes and hats that could somehow match the gang's outfit. Try to mix and uniquely design yourself with the Team Skull's brand new outfit!

As for the exact Bandana and whatnot, there's still no way to obtain such items in game unless Game Freak include them in the future DLC of the game. But nonetheless, Team Skull's clothes certainly look ravishing right? Coupled with a black hat and shoes, it's one way to get some bragging rights!

What do you think of Team Skull's outfit? Do you think Game Freak should add the team's Bandana and actual shoes to the game? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!

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