Dead Rising 4 Christmas Christmas Trailer Celebrates With Blood, Gore, And Zombie Limbs

Microsoft rolls out a brand new trailer for Dead Rising 4 that showcases a very unique and gore-oriented bloody twist that excites up the boring holidays. The video is called Yule Log and it's here to eat our hearts out, literally.

The season for releasing Triple-A games is over but this didn't stop Dead Rising 4 from releasing an awesome trailer that fits right for the game. Microsoft works hard so that fans can be reminded that their anticipated game is just around the holiday corners. The latest title for the long running Dead Rising Franchise reintroduces its long time hero Frank West.

The setting for the game is also nostalgic as Willamette, Colorado is showcased once again. This new trailer hypes up zombie loving gamers for the holidays. Dead Rising 4 will knock on your doors instead of Santa falling from the chimney.

The 21 minute trailer for Dead Rising 4 introduces its own kind of blood and gore spin on the classic Yule Log video. Traditionally, videos depict a nice warm comfy living room with a cozy fireplace. Wooden logs are then gradually added to the fire to keep the warmth.

For this trailer however, zombie limbs are put into fire instead of wood. Every now and then someone puts an arm or a leg to the fire, making it the most creative Christmas trailer for the year, at least for fans of blood and gore. Christmas lights also wrap around a melee weapon, which resembles Negans baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire but this time it's Dead Rising 4 style.

Dead Rising 4 will still be an open world game, enabling the players to explore the map despite all the zombies lurking around town. Story co-op mode and time limit are removed so for those who hated it from the previous titles, rejoice.

Dead Rising releases as a Microsoft exclusive for the Xbox One and PC on Dec. 6.

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