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Xbox One Hardware Overview
Certain stuff Xbox One need to read, some features might still be 'hidden' from them until discover them here. Makes recap of tips and tricks for the console too. Photo : YouTube / GameSpot

The Xbox One has probably beaten the PS4 when it comes to backwards compatibility since it requires zero payment when playing previous generation games. All you need to do is insert 360 disc into an Xbox One unit and boom, you got yourself an Xbox 360 game rolling. On the other hand, the PS4 offers PS Now that lets you rent and stream PS3 games. If weighed, the free stuff always wins.

Anyway, I'm not here to talk about comparing the Xbox One with the PS4 since each obviously has unique capabilities that the other doesn't have and gamers respect gamers. So, let's move on to the main topic of letting each Xbox One owner that there are tricks to it that they probably haven't done or heard of.

Xbox One Tips and Tricks: Xbox 360 Games Can Be Continued Where It Was Left Off

As I said on the first paragraph, Microsoft has been working hard for the Xbox One's backwards compatibility feature to please their fans. So for those who are currently playing 360 games and want to migrate to Xbox One, I've got good news for you. You can actually save your game online and then continue your game on Xbox One. One important note though: make sure your game is on the backwards compatibility library.

Xbox One Tips and Tricks: Xbox One Background Can Be Personalized, Unlike The PS4

One of my frustrations owning a PS4 is that I can't put my dog as wallpaper for the console's main menu. Fortunately for the Xbox One, it allows you to use your own photos to customize your dashboard. To change your background, go to Settings and then select Personalization. Once there, go to "My color & background." Here, you can customize the background colors and even change it to your preferred photo.

Xbox One Tips and Tricks: Phone or Tablet as Controller

It may not sound practical but you can connect your phone to the Xbox One and use it as a controller. Via the Xbox app on Android or iOS, you can control the console with your phone or your tablet. One good use for this would be for typing stuff.

Xbox One Tips and Tricks: Play Its Games on Windows 10 PC

You don't have to stay in the couch when playing games on Xbox One as you can move back and forth from console to PC. You need a Windows 10 PC to do this and install the Xbox app. There you go, instant Xbox One gaming on your bed with a laptop.

Xbox One Tips and Tricks: Map Your Controller Buttons

Lots of reasons would want you to remap or tweak your Xbox One controller's buttons. All you need to do is open Xbox Accessories app. You will now see an image of the controller along with a plethora of settings you can setup.

Xbox One Tips and Tricks: Extra Space with External Hard Drive

Xbox One's standard hard drive, be it 500 GB or 1TB or whatever package it comes with today, may not be enough to store all your games and game data. The Xbox one allows you to use an external hard drive to solve this issue. There are certain configurations to setup before you can enjoy this feature so view the video below for detailed steps.

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