Upcoming Overwatch Maintenance Schedule Details Revealed

It's safe to say that Overwatch is among the biggest titles in the gaming industry. Blizzard certainly knows how to deliver a hit title. However, like any other games, it also needs a pit stop. The game is set to undergo a scheduled maintenance today, though no specifics as to what it's going to be about. Here are the details nonetheless.

According to AttackOfTheFanboy, the popular first-person shooter game will be on a maintenance on November 29 (which is today). It'll start from 7 AM PT to 9 AM PT. The studio also noted that the log in process might be a bit slow. Or perhaps, it won't work at all. So, as much as possible, it's best for players to keep still.

Blizzard, however, didn't release any official statement as to what the Overwatch maintenance is all about. It could mean a lot of things, though. First is the possibility of preparing the game for the forthcoming Christmas event. Second, this is meant to pave the way for the next season (Season 3). Or, if it makes sense, the reworked Symmetra might finally be arriving.

While it remains unknown, it's interesting to see what sort of things the community will be getting. This maintenance might open up a new update, something that'll interest players even more. Or, which is not really a huge thing, it's really there to bring fixes and/or improvements.

As previously reported here at iTech Post, a sound file was discovered in Overwatch, pointing to a Christmas jingle of sort. Apart from that, as based on the data fans were able to mine, a new mode is also coming. It's going to be called Arena mode. But like the Yuletide season event, no official details have been revealed. Blizzard didn't even bother to shed some light on these speculations.

What are your thoughts on Overwatch as well as its future? Do you think Blizzard is up to something big with this maintenance? Any thoughts on the Christmas event as well as the new stuff coming to the game? Be sure to let us know what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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