Pokemon Sun And Moon Tips, Tricks & Guide: 3 Strategies To Catch 'Em All Quickly, Easily

Pokemon Sun and Moon players are said to be finding a hard time to carry over the skills they have mastered in Pokemon Go. Now a number of tips and tricks have been provided to help them get better at catching in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Strategy #1: Call for Help

This Pokemon Sun and Moon feature may have favorable and some unfavorable effects. If a wild Pokemon calls for an ally to help fight by their side, this could level up the player's own Pokemon much faster. But on the other, this feature may also create a fight twice as it is needed.  To prepare, the Pokemon Sun and Moon players should arm their Pokemon with moves that will surely affect several enemies, such as Earthquake, Discharge or Razor Leaf.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Strategy #2: Carry Repels

Carrying a repel in Pokemon Sun and Moon does not mean that the player is a weak trainer. In fact, reports suggest that arming oneself with a repel is a great way to prevent long encounters, especially when trying to accomplish something, and just want to pass through the tall grass in order to get to the Max Revive.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Strategy #3: Be Battle Ready

With the new method of Trials and Kahunas rather than Gyms and Gym Leaders in Pokemon Sun and Moon, it is not always clear when the player is about to come to a very important battle. Given such, the players must see ensure to always know where to find the Pokemon Centers, and bring Potions and Revives.

Meanwhile, a Pokemon Sun and Moon player was able to defeat the Elite Four using only the flailing fish, Magikarp. Based on reports, this become possible through patience and a better understanding of the Pokemon Sun and Moon mechanics. Although the Magikarp was at level 70 when it made it to the Elite Four, it does not account for the type differences, as the Flail does not affect the Ghost type Pokemon. Watch How to catch Magikarp in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon

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