Final Fantasy XV Guide Tips: How To Level Up The Easy Way

Final Fantasy XV is an open world environments that is now available to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Here are some quick guide and tips on how to level up quickly in the game.

Start Jumping if Stamina Runs Out

Final Fantasy XV characters can run but it's limited by their stamina bar. It will only take a few seconds but it can considerably slow down your progress. Fortunately, making your character jump will continue to refill the stamina bar but will not slow you down.

Sell Items to Earn Gil

Final Fantasy XV players will discover that it's not easy earning gil (FF XV currency). The easiest and fastest way to get a lot of gil is by selling items you have pick up or collected. If you are afraid that some of the items will be needed later on, just keep one of each item in the inventory and sell the rest. Curatives however, are worth collecting since these items are needed for battle and crafting spells.

Resting in Hotels can Increase EXP Points

Resting in hotels can give Final Fantasy XV players a lot of EXP points. There is beach side hotel that can double the amount EXP points by a night's stay. The daily rate though is expensive costing at least 10,000 gil. Staying at a motel is cheaper and will grant players a daily increase of 1.5 in EXP points while an RV accommodation can give a 1.2 increase. Staying outside in a camp will only give players normal EXP although there are stat bonuses handed out through meals.

Prioritize Ignis with Healing Abilities

Ignis can learn to heal with the use of Ability Points or AP. Having a healer in your party can help you progress through Final Fantasy XV more easily and quickly. Teleporting can also help your party escape through tight spots. Magical Points or MP is needed for teleportation but it regenerates and will not require much of it anyway.

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