Pokemon Go Update: Tracking System Still No Good?

By Lizzie Mefford , Nov 29, 2016 04:40 AM EST

Pokemon Go tracking system has always had a problem. Each of the released updates do not fail to come with its own set of issues, which is a bg mystery why people are still out catching beasts with it.

Pokemon Go maker Niantic, in the previous week, expanded the game's updated nearby feature outside San Francisco. The feature is a tracking mechanic which has gone through a couple of revisions since Pokemon Go was initially released in July.

Recently, Pokemon Go's new feature is only usable to those that are near Pokestops. This fact only means that rural trainers are left behind, especially those that far from Pokestops. Sadly, since July, Niantic has failed to make a Pokemon Go tracking system that can service both rural and urban players.

Pokemon Go's July tracking system appeared in its nearby tab, with footprints manifesting its distance. However, the reality is, no player knew how the system actually worked, at all. For Pokemon Go rural players in particular, Pokemons spawn rarely, which also followed that hunting them according to the proximity theory means many wasted hours in the cornfield.

In the previous week, Niantic started testing an updated system of tracking in San Francisco. A nearby Pokemon's image would come up in the PokeStop closest to it. The system also signifies that there are a number of Pokemon spawns that can be directly linked to specific Pokestops.

Niantic also wrote that they have modified that feature to make things easier. They will only make the nearby feature usable when a PokeStop is close to a player's location.

Meanwhile, following Pokemon Go's bonuses and daily quests, there is also an upcoming update that will introduce new Pokemons, 100 of them. On top of these, gameplay features that have never been seen before are set to roll out.

Pokemon Go new creatures consist of legendary and normal types, as players need to update their app to make the new monsters appear. Watch POKEMON GO - HOW TO USE THE NEW POKEMON TRACKER!

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