Marvel Vs. Capcom 4 Update,Rumor: Crossover Game Likely To Be Released In 2017?

Marvel vs. Capcom 4 will reportedly come out on 2017. The crossover game has been quite popular among fans of the two franchises which is probably the reason behind the rumors.

Marvel and Capcom 4th Crossover Game

There have been rumors that an upcoming Marvel vs. Capcom 4 is reportedly being developed and is scheduled for release on 2017, according to Polygon. Although the exact date has not been given, the upcoming crossover game may be announced during the Capcom Street Fighter 5 tournament scheduled this week.

What Marvel Characters to Expect

Capcom characters have remained steady throughout the years. In the previous crossover, Capcom characters fought a lot of X-Men characters from Marvel. This time however, the upcoming crossover may contain other characters from the Marvel Universe. The Capcom team may encounter the Avengers, Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy from Marvel.

No X-Men This Time?

There are speculations that the X-Men will not be featured in the upcoming Marvel vs. Capcom 4. The mutants first appeared more than two decades ago in Capcom's X-Men: Children of the Atom. The previous crossover, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 which is also known as Fate of the Two Worlds was launched around five years ago. It featured a number of X-Men characters such as Magneto, Wolverine, storm and Phoenix as well as Sentinel.

However, the license agreement between Capcom and Marvel expired three years ago. The 3rd installment and all the additional contents were removed both from the Xbox and PlayStation network. Despite its removal, Capcom-Marvel crossover franchise fans are still hoping that a new version will be release soon.

Capcom and Marvel's Position on Upcoming Crossover

Marvel Games VP Jay Ong said that they know the crossover games are quite popular among Marvel vs Capcom fans. He would not however, confirmed that an upcoming crossover is under development but would not deny it either. Capcom on the other hand, flatly declared that it does not comment on rumors but like Marvel did not deny the report.

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