Pokemon Sun And Moon Quick Guide: How To Evolve All New Pokemon

Pokemon Sun And Moon Quick Guide: How To Evolve New Pokemon
Knowing the how of evolving new Pokemon can help you level up faster in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Photo : YouTube / Verlisify

There are plenty of new Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon. The aim of the game is that you catch every Poke monster that will come your way and train them. But of course, you also have to evolve them whenever possible. Evolving your Pokemon will not only make them look different, it's a process for them to become stronger and sometimes change their type, too.

While some Pokemon naturally evolve as they progress through the game, some Pokemon evolve when you provide the conditions they require. So if you wish to evolve all your new Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon, then this guide will walk you through every evolution possible.

How To Evolve Pikipek

Pikepek is a Pokemon that has two evolutions in Pokemon Sun and Moon. At Level 14, Pikipek will evolve and become Trumbeak. At Level 28, Trumbeak will become a powerful Pokemon in the form of the mighty Toucannon.

How To Evolve Rowlet

Rowlet will naturally evolve at Level 17 to become Dartrix. At Level 34, this Pokemon will become Decidueye. No other thing required.

How To Evolve Litten

Litten will naturally evolve at Level 17 and become Torracat. At Level 34, Litten will become one of the strongest Pokemon in the Pokedex as Incineroar. So it's best that you get Litten early into the game.

How To Evolve Popplio

Just like Litten, Popplio is another important Pokemon that you should have in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Popplio will become Brionne at Level 17. Then it becomes the powerful Primarina by Level 34.

How To Evolve Bounsweet

Bounsweet is another Pokemon that evolves naturally and another with a condition. At Level 18, Bounsweet will progress and become Steenee. At Level 29, Steenee will become the more powerful Tsareena once it learns Stomp. Don't worry, Steenee will naturally learn it at Level 29 so it's no problem.

How To Evolve Yungoos

Yungoos will automatically evolve to become Gumshoos at Level 20. But this will only happen by day in the in-game. Day, not night.

How To Evolve Grubbin

Grubbin is another Pokemon that becomes more powerful once it evolves. At Level 20, Grubbin will become Charjabug. To evolve Charjabug in Pokemon Sun and Moon, you have to level up at the Vast Poni Canyon area  to be able to get Vikavolt.

How To Evolve Alolan Ratatta

At Level 20, Alolan Ratatta will evolve and become Alolan Raticate. However, you can only do Ratatta's evolution at night. Take note that the nighttime refers to the in-game's time.

How To Evolve Morelull

Morelull is very easy to evolve in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Just play the game and wait for Level 24 to arrive. Morelull will automatically become Shiinotic once you get there.

How To Evolve Rockruff

Another powerful Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon is Rockruff. From an adorable puppy, Rockruff will evolved and become Lycanroc at Level 25. But this Pokemon's evolution depends on the version you play. If you play Pokemon Sun, Rockruff will have its Midday form during the day. In Pokemon Moon, Rockruff will have its Midnight form at night.

How To Evolve Alolan Geodude

Alolan Geodude automatically evolves in Pokemon Sun and Moon. At Level 25, Alolan Geodude will become Alolan Graveler. You can also evolve this Pokemon to become Alolan Golem by trading the same Pokemon to another player.

How To Evolve Alolan Diglett

Evolving Alolan Diglett is somewhat unique to evolving any other Pokemon. This is because you have to "dig" Diglett's flowing golden locks to evolve it to become Alolan Dugtrio. The evolution will only happen at Level 26, though.

How To Evolve Stufful

Stufful looks huggable and is very loveable when you first get it. But at Level 27, Stufful will become deadlier in the form of Bewear. This Pokemon is one of our meanest and strongest Pokemon to date.

How To Evolve Cubone

Cubone will evolve to become an Alolan Pokemon at Level 28. By then you will become the formidable Alolan Marowak. However, you have to level up by nighttime in the in-game or else the evolution will not happen.

How To Evolve Wimpod

Wimpod does not look much when you first see it in Pokemon Sun and Moon. This Pokemon is not just timid, others look at Wimpod as ugly. But come Level 30, Wimpod will be better and stronger as Golisopod.

How To Evolve Mudbray

Mudbray may seem little and stubborn. But given enough time, Mudbray will evolve to become the bigger Mudsdale. This will happen at Level 30.

How To Evolve Salandit

Salandit is another Pokemon that can evolve to become the powerful Salazzle. However, Salandit will only evolve if it's a female at Level 33. So the condition is that you have to have a female Salandit since male ones remain a Salandit forever.

How To Evolve Jangmo-o

Jangmo-o will undergo two evolutions in Pokemon Sun and Moon. First, at Level 34, Jangmo-o will turn and become Hakamo-o. By Level 45, Hakamo-o will become the more powerful Kommo-o.

How To Evolve Formantis

Evolving Formantis to become Lurantis is quite tricky in Pokemon Sun and Moon. You have to level up first past Level 34. You also have to do it during daytime.

How To Evolve Alolan Grimer

Compared to other Alolan Pokemon, Alolan Grimer will turn into Alolan Muk at Level 38. No need for evolution stones or making this Alolan Pokemon happy. Just play the game and wait for Level 38.

How To Evolve Sandygast

Sandygast is already frightening even without evolving. But this Pokemon will become even more powerful at Level 42. This time, you will know this Pokemon as Palossand.

How To Evolve Crabrawler

Crabrawler is a special Pokemon that does not evolve by just any level. It also becomes more powerful because it becomes the mean Crabominable. How? Go to Mount Lanakila area and level up Crabrawler there and you will get Crabominable.

How To Evolve Type: Null

Type: Null will evolve and become the better Silvally. How? You have to make it happy. You should also have plenty of friends to give it good time. Let Type: Null party. Feed it with PokeBeans. Pet it. Once Type: Null reaches the level of happiness it needs, it will evolve and become Silvally.

How To Evolve Alolan Vulpix

Alolan Vulpix is another Alolan Pokemon that requires evolution stones. It uses the Ice Stone to evolve. The resulting evolution? Alolan Ninetails. Just like with Sandshrew, you can buy the Ice Stone at the Ula'ula Island's Po Town.

How To Evolve Exeggcute

Exeggcute is just a regular Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon. But if you want your own mascot and an Alolan Exeggutor, all you have to do is use a Leaf Stone to evolve Exeggcute.

How To Evolve Pichu

Pichu can only be evolved if it's happy. In Pokemon Sun and Moon, Pichu will become Pikachu as long as you make it happy by playing with it, feeding it and petting it. If you want to evolve Pikachu to become Alolan Raichu, then you just have to give it a Thunder Stone any time you want. You can buy the Thunder Stone on Akala Island if you don't have one.

How To Evolve Alolan Sandshrew

Similar to Alolan Raichu, Alolan Sandshrew can only evolve with the help of evolution stones. How? Just give Alolan Sandshrew an Ice Stone. It will automatically become Alolan Sandslash any time you wish. Don't have any Ice Stone available? Get it at the Ula'ula Island's Po Town.

How To Evolve Alolan Meowth

Evolving Alolan Meowth is similar to how you evolve Pikachu. Just keep it happy. But since Meowth requires a high level of happiness, you have to give it massages, win battles or give it a Soothe Bell. Once you reach enough Happiness for Alolan Meowth, it will become Alolan Persian.

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