Do They Just Crave For Sex Or What? Why Do Men Get Erections Every Morning?

Erection - a too common phenomenon that happens to almost all men especially every morning. But why does it really have to take place every morning from the moment he wakes up? Just recently, scientists have revealed the factors why men get an erection from the moment they open their eyes.

Hard Every Morning? Here's Why

In one of his statements reported by Daily Mail, director of medicine at the University of Newcastle, Australia, Sergio Diez Alvarez has claimed that a 'morning glory' can explain a lot about someone's sexual function. He explains that a man typically has as many as five erections per night which lasts up to 30 minutes in each episode of erection.

This morning erection as what Alvarez describes it, is medically known as "nocturnal penile tumescence." It was found that morning penile erection can really affect males of all ages, may it be males in the womb and male children.

According to Metro, Alvarez said that the probable reason as to why men usually wakes up with an erection may be related to the fact we often wake up coming out of REM sleep. During this time, there is a shift in the dominant system that's activated. We move from sympathetic stimulation to parasympathetic stimulation, which is not usually found in other parts of the sleep cycle.

Scientists have further explained that the same mechanism happens without the involvement of the brain, in an uncontrolled reflex action that is in the spinal cord. Accordingly, this also explains the reason as to why some people with problems in the spinal cord can still get erections and why a man can get erections even when not sexually aroused. However, experts have highly emphasized that the severity and quality of erection declines gradually as a man gets older. Ultimately, since good heart health is associated with an ability to have erections, the presence of nocturnal erections is generally perceived as good news.

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