So Much For History, UFO Hunters Claim That Ancient Civilization May Have Taken Place In Mars, How True?

In one of their strangest theory to have been created, conspiracy theorists have claimed to have found an allegedly sufficient evidence of the 'ancient walled cities' on Mars. In a YouTube video, it was found out that the United Family of Anomaly Hunters, a group of renowned UFO hunters, has presented the evidence which shows a series of aerial pictures taken by NASA which was reportedly spotted on Elysium Planitia, a plain near the Martian equator.

Is It Possible For A Civilization To Start In Mars?

As reported by Daily Mail, it was found that the images have shown a number of aerial views, some of which look like eroded domes that could be surrounded by virtually circular rings. In the YouTube video, it was believed that NASA has apparently spotted the structures which are walled cities. Consequently, the said footage has gained a lot of reactions; some firmly believed the structures show signs of life while others were skeptic about the video.

Furthermore, according to International Business Times, it was found out that in order for researchers to better understand and make their case, they have contrasted Spirit's study of "Home Plate", which is a plateau of layered rocks that the robot has explored during the earlier parts of its third year on Mars, with features found within active hot spring/geyser discharge channels at a site in northern Chile called El Tatio.

Meanwhile, experts have emphasized the fact that Mars is now a frozen desert, but geological studies of rocks by previous missions to the surface have suggested the planet used to be warmer and wetter. It was also found that the NASA images have also shown that the plain was once a highly volcanic region, thus, it suggests that there were a lot of opportunity for the surface to be remolded and reshaped.

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