George R.R. Martin Moves To Mexico Before Hammering Out ‘The Winds Of Winter’

George R.R. Martin Moves To Mexico Before Hammering Out ‘The Winds Of Winter’
Famous author George R.R. Martin embarks on his last trip for this year and promises a completion of "The Winds of Winter" in 2017. Photo : StannisBaratheon/YouTube

When novelist George R.R. Martin speaks his mind, the universe listens. His penned thoughts bear the innate capability of exciting his avid followers with his big reveals.

His latest blog post titled “South of the Border” shared his trip today as he heads to Mexico to attend the Guadalajara International Book Fair. Martin is one of the special guests in the important event and his appearance is expected to gather a huge crowd.

“I'm one of the guests at the conference. I'll be doing interviews, a press conference, a live streaming event, and a signing. I expect I will be doing some tequila tasting as well. I am informed that Guadalajara is the tequila capital of Mexico,” Martin wrote.

Hopefully, when tequila kicked in, the phenomenal author will release the highly-anticipated book, “The Winds of Winter” sooner than expected.

He also emphasized on his journal that the Mexican occasion is his last for this year as 2017 is allotted mainly to the sixth novel in the hit fantasy series “A Song of Ice and Fire.”

“This is my last scheduled event for 2016. My appearance schedule for 2017 is very limited, and will remain so until WINDS is completed. So if you want to meet me or get a book signed, this will be the last chance for a good few months...”

There it is, the official updates on “The Winds of Winter” straight from its genius writer. It sounds like a new year promises the launch of the latest science fiction novel.

To recall, the book had been the subject of various speculations, particularly its release date. A January 2017 published date made rounds in the web. However, the rumors were proven false as slammed by Martin’s publisher

"As his publisher, we support George R.R. Martin as he works hard to finish The Winds of Winter. Any on-sale dates currently listed online for the novel are incorrect. Once we have a publication date for The Winds of Winter, the world will know," Random House said.

Martin’s slow progress in writing has been confirmed by his former assistant, Ty Franck.

“Well, he doesn’t actually write on an old DOS computer. He did write on an old DOS computer, and then it died. Actually, I built him the computer he writes on now, which is a state-of-the-art machine running DOS and WordStar 4.0,” Franck’s description of Martin’s writing style.

“[H]e is much more of a sit down at the keyboard, wait for the muse to strike, and bang out whatever chapter is sort of banging around in your head at that time. That works for him; he’s able to produce work, so more power to him, but that just seems like a really inefficient way to get a story out, from my perspective. He’s much more comfortable rewriting chapters over and over and over and over again than I am,” Franck added.

Indeed, Martin strictly follows the conventional approach in creating his masterpieces from day 1 to its completion phase. He refused to get involved in the cyber world as his internet views equate risks and threats to his best-selling works.

The last published book from the series is “A Dance with Dragons” (2011) which took 6 long years to release as the fourth installment “A Feast of Crows” was published in 2005.

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