Why Overwatch New Map Is Unlike Any Other In The Game

Blizzard is up to something new for Overwatch, the studio's latest title. Apparently, a brand new map has been made available for players in the PC platform. It's called Oasis. Although its name isn't that scary or something, it isn't entirely the kind of map that players would expect. Well, here's why.

As previously reported here at iTech Post, the popular online first-person shooter game underwent a maintenance yesterday. The company didn't mention any specifics as to why it was done. But of course, many believe that the studio is up for something big or whatsoever. And yeah, it seem to be the story after all.

According to Polgyon, Oasis in Overwatch offers a great number of cars, all speeding their way in the highway. But hey, players might want to be very careful with those vehicles. Why? That's because whenever a player gets hit by them, his/her character is likely to die.

The new map is deemed as a control type area. And since it's in a metropolitan setting, the hazards it offers are completely understandable. So, in a sense, the cars there aren't just made for the sake of having being a part of the design.

For players who want to say alive in Overwatch map Oasis, they have two things to do. First, ensure that they won't get easily knocked out by their opponents. And second, they have to look out for those incoming cars. It seems Blizzard really knows how to up the ante, eh?

Currently, the map is only available to PC players who'll use the PTR (Public Test Realm). This is understandable, given the fact it's new. The developers definitely want to ensure that the new map gets the right amount of pampering it wants.

What are your thoughts on the brand new Overwatch map? Do you like the idea of getting killed by a moving vehicle in Oasis? Be sure to share us your thoughts at the comment section below!

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