Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: The Alola Region And Everything You Need To Know About It

When the last Ultra Beast has been captured in Pokemon Sun and Moon, Looker is expected to freak out over a likely sixth monster,
When the last Ultra Beast has been captured in Pokemon Sun and Moon, Looker is expected to freak out over a likely sixth monster, Photo : YouTube / The Official Pokémon Channel

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon have been creating waves in the gaming community, especially for Pokemon fans, be it existing or just caught on with the series due to Pokemon Go. A new Pokemon game usually means there's a new region to discover, a new region to be added into the vast universe of the franchise. The Alola Region represents the combination of new land designs and a dash of inspiration from Polynesian art.

For those who do not know yet, the Alola Region is an archipelago surrounded by the sea. The assorted creatures of the islands have made its Pokemon dwellers one of the most distinctive species in the world. With that said, Pokemon residing in Alola may act much differently compared with creatures from other regions. Pokemon and humans co-exit closely, this is a distinctive characteristic of the region as well as its culture. Tapu, Great Pokemon spirits, protect the islands and serve as gods for the island residents.

As obvious as it sounds, the Alola Region is inspired mostly by Hawaii, if you decode the name in Hawaiian language, the name Alola breaks up to aloha and ola which respectively means 'goodbye/hello' and 'life, director Shigeru Ohmori explains. Here are the islands and their characteristics.

Akala Island

This pinkish island in Pokemon Sun and Moon is Olivia's turf. The Kahuna trains Rock type Pokemon such as Lycanroc and Nosepass. Akala island's guardian spirit is Tapu Lele, it's a butterfly-like creature with attributes of Psychic/Fairy Pokemon. The island is based on Maui which is popular for long beaches. The location's signature volcanic rock capes is somewhat portrayed in Akala's design, somehow.

Melemele Island

This serves as the player's home island. Melemele is where players will spend much of their early levels in Pokemon Sun and Moon. The Melemele's Kahuna is Hala, an wise and elderly leader who favors Fighting Pokemon like Crabrawler and Mankey. A rooster-like Electric/Fairy, Tapu Koko, serves as guardian spirit for the island. Melemele chooses yellow as its official color. Melemele is also 'yellow' in Hawaiian. The island takes its features from Oahu.

Poni Island

This island has a mysterious Kahuna in Pokemon Sun and Moon , it doesn't have any information so far. The guardian spirit for Poni island is Tapu Fini which is a Water/Fairy type Pokemon. It ressembles a fish and a clam. This purple island is inspired by Kaua'i in the real world. The place is well known for agriculture but looking at Poni island, it lacks the area for farming.

Ula'ula Island

Same as Poni island, no information for the Kahuna of this place is available either. Its guardian is Tapu Bulu, resembling a bull and is a Grass/Fairy type Pokemon. Ula'ula takes its shaped from the island of Hawai'i. At the center of the island, Mauna Kea mountain is being replicated in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

The Alola Region shines as one of the most imaginative and attractive places in the Pokemon series and players are excited to explore the whole place. Where are you now in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon? Drop us your thoughts via the comments section below.

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