‘Star Wars’ Episode 8 Spoilers And News: Leaked Script of Luke Skywalker Reveals Rey Is A Jedi? Is Luke Related To Snoke?

The premiere date of "Star Wars" episode 8 is still more than a year away but a recent video revealed what may be an inkling of the bloodline of Luke Skywalker's (Mark Hamill) progenitors. This is a leaked dialogue that also unveils the origins of Rey (Daisy Ridley).

A Huge Jedi Secret To Be Revealed

"Star Wars" episode 8's production is now winding down and die-hard fans are eagerly gobbling up whatever tidbits they could get regarding the story plot of the upcoming movie. Current rumors suggest that a huge Jedi secret about the past will be unveiled. The alleged leak is supposed to have originated from Mark Hamill's script. A report from Movieweb stated that the leak could indicate that "Star Wars" episode 8 will be placing its focus on Luke and Rey.

When she was asked about this topic, Daisy Ridley said she thinks Rey is not a Jedi. However, she confirmed that "Star Wars" episode 8 will reveal who her parents really are. In this connection, an NME report said that Mike Zeroh, a YouTuber, boasts that he has some story plot information acquired from reliable sources that have a bearing on this issue.

An Upcoming Trailer Will Disclose More Clues

Zeroh claims that a future "Star Wars" episode 8 movie trailer will give a hint on this topic. He said Luke's script might reveal some secrets to Rey about her future. That particular script supposedly has Luke saying to Rey "you include the spark in order to rekindle the hearth."

And then there's another leaked script that ignited the rumor that Snoke might be the grandfather of Luke. The scene allegedly happens in a remote place where Luke and Rey are held captive by Snoke. In the script, Snoke mentions Luke's father, Darth Vader. Luke asked Snoke why he knew his father. To which Snoke replies: "What father does not realize his very own creation?" Is this a massive clue that reveals the lineage of Luke and Rey?

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